We are very sad to announce that José Jorge, who used the login zezinho, passed away on September the 11th

José was 46 years old, father to 3 children. He, and his 16 year old son, who was accompanying him on a bicycle ride, died September the 11th after being struck by a car.

José was a major contributor to the world of Free Software, in particular Mageia, his favorite distribution, which he had adopted after Mandrake/Mandriva and in which he had been actively participating for some 20 years. Among his many contributions were the inclusion of hundreds of packages such as Audacity, Chromium, fuse2, gcompris, other very important packages such as various WiFi drivers, as well as many games (bzflag, alienarena, crack-attack, flightgear). He was a tester
for Mageia Cauldron and a mentor for new packagers.

He was also a well known member of the Francophone LinuxFr.org website where his kind helpfulness was characteristic of him.

José Jorge was the founder of the LUG of Gers (France) named “Les GNUsquetaires”.

Condolences from all of the members of Mageia Linux go to his loved ones under the painful circumstances.

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4 Responses to We are very sad to announce that José Jorge, who used the login zezinho, passed away on September the 11th

  1. Rémi Verschelde says:

    I’m deeply saddened to learn this tragic event…

    I only knew José from our online interactions in Mageia mailing lists or IRC, but those were all friendly and constructive interactions. He was a very active packager and mentor of apprentice packagers, and I learned a lot thanks to him.

    My sincere condolences to all those that he and his son leave behind, and especially their family.

    Thank you José. Rest in peace.

  2. Rolf Pedersen says:

    à Dieu, José. Thank you for your help with my Mandrake until now. Condolences to your family and friends.

  3. Marc Paré says:

    Toutes mes sympathies à la famille Jorge. Truly sad story to read. He will be very missed in the Mageia community with all of his great support.


  4. Condoglianze alla Famiglia e Grazie per tutto il lavoro che hai fatto, ho usato Audacity con piacere grazie al tuo tempo speso per Mageia. Condolences to your family.