Emergency Updates about the direction of Mageia

Warning: this post is a joke of 1st April.

Considering the complete lack of bugs in urpm and in the RPM package
format, which we’ve grown tired of, The Executive Committee has
approved the switch to Debian package manager, apt.

We will rebuild Cauldron to adopt the .deb package to have it in place
for Mageia 9.
We will also adopt the Arch Installer, ditch Mageia Control
Centre for raw conf files, and will also suppress urpm, rpm, dnf, pagure, iurt and mock.
Infra will be migrated to a fork of Debian build system.

We also will focus on releasing CDE Desktop as the only supported
desktop environment. With support for all other desktop
environments and window managers like Plasma, GNOME, Xfce, mate,
cinnamon, lxqt, lxde, awesome, e17 and fwvm being removed from Mageia.

Full details available on the Mageia wiki here.

Existing installations will be migrated automatically to the new and improvedTM Magebian.

We are so excited about the challenge to bring you a robust rolling
release distribution and will provide a preview next month.

Thank you for joining us in welcoming in Spring/Autumn on the 1st of April, see you again next year, happy April Fools Day 🙂


Nicolas L. neoclust
Aurélien O. auroud85
Pascal V. maat

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10 Responses to Emergency Updates about the direction of Mageia

  1. Jim Whitby says:

    You are a couple days early for April fools.

  2. sickpig says:

    Happy fool’s day to you too 🙂

  3. Joelp says:

    Good news. So we have new domain! Let’s redirecting here http://magebian.website/

  4. JoesCat says:

    Thumbs up – looking at the wiki info, I see that a lot of thought went into the rolling release.

  5. astor says:

    Hahha thats funny. You almost got me. Happy fool’s day!

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  7. Ezequiel Partida says:

    What Bugs? I replaced all Mageia 8 repositories to Cauldron M9 and upgraded everything. It seems very stable for me already… 😉

    Happy late fool’s day! 😀

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