Mageia 9 beta1 is already here

We are proud to announce the first beta of Mageia 9. A lot of fixes and new updates have followed since the first alpha back in November 2022.

Congratulations to all the teams that make up Mageia for the great work done in these months, to fix, test and validate all these new features, of which the following stand out:

Kernel – 6.1.11

glib – 2.36

gcc – 12.2.1

rpm – 4.18.0

Chromium – 110

Firefox ESR – 102.8

LibreOffice – 7.5.0

Plasma – 5.26.90

GNOME – 43

Xfce – 4.18

LXQt – 1.2.1

mesa – 23.0

A full list of included packages is available in the .idx file for the installation media. Do note that despite current version freeze there will be still updates to the beta 1 released packages. Mostly bugs and security fixes.

For those that want to jump in and test straight away, the images can be downloaded here. As always with pre-release images, use your best judgement.

We continue to offer (as few do) installation media for 32-bit and 64-bit systems, 64-bit live images for Plasma, GNOME and Xfce, as well as a 32-bit live image for Xfce.

If you missed it in the first Alpha, Mageia now has a new tool for removing old kernels, which will be configured by default and can be found in the “Tools” section of the applications menu.

Join us in Mageia!

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  3. Gafoor Tharayi says:

    why mageia develoment wiki is not updated?

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  8. Hello, I was a Mandriva user so Mageia 9 is very interesting to me. Can’t wait to run it on my computer.