Summer has come and passed…

…the lazy will never last.

September 19th! That’s the last day when we will accept artwork submissions!

We’re looking for a new default background that will be shipped with Mageia 5. We might also pick one or two runners up that will be bundled as alternative backgrounds. Ideas for screensavers and other artwork that you think we could use will also be appreciated.

Please make sure that you read and understand the rules.
You can submit your artwork to the Flickr page or send it by email to

If you want to win the background contest, here’s a few points to keep in mind:

  • Historically speaking, the images chosen for the default background were simple abstract artworks that used the Mageia color palette.
  • Photos of real life objects/people/plants/animals will not even be considered.
  • Your image must be an original piece, and you must be able to provide source files (xcf or svg). If you can’t comply for a technical reason, please get in touch with us on the Atelier mailing list.
  • Your image must have a sufficient resolution.
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We Need You! (to try and break stuff)

Guys, this one is coming from the heart.

We keep talking about how Mageia is this and Mageia needs that and Mageia did this totally awesome thing. But you know what? That’s a little bit misleading. See, Mageia isn’t some huge corporation, or even a small business. Mageia is an organization of people. People like you. And right now, we need people like you.

Anybody who has ever tried to get a job in the high tech industry knows that the vast majority of starter positions is in QA (that’s Quality Assurance, something we ALL need). That’s because that area needs the largest workforce. After all, it takes just a few brilliant minds to come up with excellent algorithms, a few more people to actually write the code, and vast legions of people who need to try every possible way to make it not work the way it is supposed to. Because somewhere, someone will find that one weird thing you can do that will crash the whole thing. And before we ship anything, be it a new operating system or just the smallest security update, we need assurances that it stands up to our high demand for quality.

And that’s where you come in.

Today, our QA team is very small. How small is it? It’s so small that right now there really is only one hardened QA expert. To begin with there were two, but one has been forced to cut back a lot of the work due to health issues. We hope that he gets well soon. Now most of the work falls on our only other QA expert. She’s doing her best to give the quality assurances we need while trying to train the small handful of volunteers. Don’t make any mistake, those “untrained professionals” are doing great work as well. In fact, they do an incredible amount of work of really top notch quality despite being rather new to QA, and they’re swamped too. We need more people like them.

Every time a new update comes out it needs to be tested on both supported releases (currently Mageia 3 and Mageia 4) for both architectures (32 and 64 bit). That means that every little security update or new feature needs to be tested 4 times before we can ship it to you, and most of that work is being done by just one person.

We need more people and you can help.
It’s really easy. With a little bit of training and some hands on experience you too can become a great QA tester.

Just head over to the QA portal and find out how you can help.

Mageia is people, and right now we need some help.

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No vacation for the brave: Mageia 5 alpha 2 is out!

While many of us are having some well-deserved rest, the Mageia team is still on the deck and working on Mageia 5 development.

This second development release is a big step towards Mageia 5, since most of the core packages have now been updated to their latest stable branches: kernel 3.15.6, X.Org 1.16 and Mesa 10.2.5 for some of the biggest ones. There has also been some important work done towards packaging KDE frameworks 5 (technological foundation for KDE Plasma 5 and KDE Applications 5) and LxQt for Mageia 5: feel free to try them out, and don’t hesitate to report bugs or discuss them on our dev mailing list.

Special thanks to Thomas (aka tmb) who took the time to prepare Live ISOs for this alpha even though he’s taking some time off to regain his health.

You can have a look at  for more details about alpha 2:

Work is in progress. Stay tuned!

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First step reached for Mageia 5: alpha 1 is available for tests

Time has come again for ISO testing!

Here is the first step towards Mageia 5. Most of your favorite software has been updated to their latest versions. There is still a long road ahead, but all in all, this first alpha is in rather good shape.

You can have a look at planned features for Mageia 5 for more details. Work is in progress. Stay tuned!

This first development release is dedicated to our friend Thomas (aka tmb), we wish him good health and to be back soon!

More information about alpha 1:

As a reminder, here are the planned release dates for Mageia 5:

  • Alpha 1: 2014/07/08
  • Alpha 2: 2014/08/04
  • Beta 1: 2014/09/30
  • Beta 2: 2014/10/31
  • Release Candidate: 2014/11/21
  • Internal release: 2014/12/12
  • Final Release: 2014/12/19

Enjoy this new release!

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Mageia 5 artwork call: important update

Due to a recent change in Flickr’s login and upload policies, it is no longer possible to use Facebook or Google accounts to access the group. Users must now sign up for and log in with a Yahoo account.

While our ultimate goal is an internal solution for artwork collections, more pressing needs have made this a lower priority.

We had hoped to have a system in place by the time that this switch occurred, however, building ISOs for the upcoming Alpha 1 of Mageia 5 has kept the sysadmin team busy.

In the meantime, please continue to use Flickr, or, if you don’t have or don’t want to create a Yahoo account, feel free to email your work to

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