A brief word on the OpenSSL Heartbleed bug

With the OpenSSL Heartbleed bug still making headlines around the world we thought you would like to know the status of Mageia 3 and 4.

All the following updates included a Heartbleed fix backported from openssl-1.0.1g

  • openssl-1.0.1e-1.5.mga3.i586.rpm dated 7 April 2014
  • openssl-1.0.1e-1.5.mga3.x86_64.rpm dated 7 April 2014
  • openssl-1.0.1e-8.2.mga4.i586.rpm dated 7 April 2014
  • openssl-1.0.1e-8.2.mga4.x86_64.rpm dated 7 April 2014

You can find the advisory here and if you like you can also subscribe to the updates-announce mailing list and be notified when updates are released.

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Goodbye to a good friend

John from 1989It’s with great sadness that this month we said goodbye to one of our own. John Bowden (aka Led43) lost his battle with cancer on Saturday 8th March.

John was one of life’s good guys. An enthusiastic supporter and contributor, when his health allowed. Mainly as part of the QA team, almost since the beginning, but often also helping people out in the main #mageia IRC channel on irc.freenode.net

He was really an inspiration to us all. With multiple health problems and a recent bereavement himself, he still enjoyed doing whatever he was able to help the community. When he was first diagnosed with cancer he asked that, should the worst happen, his hardware be of benefit to Mageia, which just shows the kind of person he was. Our thanks to him for that. He was always positive and confident he would beat the cancer, originally wanting to be free of it by Christmas, and was hoping to be able to get everything set up to help with testing the Mageia 4 release. Sadly it was not meant to be and we have lost a good friend. He will be missed.

Our thoughts are with his family at this difficult time. The photo is an old one from 1989 chosen by his sister Judy and one he would have liked.

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New year, new resolutions and a new Mageia – here’s Mageia 4!

Right on time, and just in time for the first day of FOSDEM 2014, we have the great pleasure of announcing Mageia 4. We’re still having a grand time doing this together, and we hope you enjoy this release as much as we’ve enjoyed making it. And if you’re at FOSDEM, come and help us celebrate!

To dive right in if you can’t wait: download now, read the Release Notes, or check how to upgrade from Mageia 3.  And you can find all the information on Mageia 4.

What’s new in Mageia 4?

Take a look at the complete list of packages upgraded from Mageia 4, by checking the Mageia Applications Database. See all the new and updated applications in Mageia 4, or check which packages have new versions. Our thanks go to Stormi and the other madb developers for this amazing resource!

Major new features

  • RPM 4.11.1 and urpmi 7.31
  • Kernel 3.12
  • systemd 208
  • GRUB is the default bootloader; GRUB2 is also available.
  • KDE 4.11
  • GNOME 3.10
  • Xfce 4.10, Mate 1.6 and Cinnamon 2.0
  • Libreoffice
  • Experimental UEFI Support
  • FullHD+ resolution support
  • Oh, and the neat new Mageia Welcome!

See the Release Notes, Errata and Mageia App DB for the complete list.

Why choose Mageia?


We all work together – to make the best distribution we can, and to help each other. We’re a really welcoming and inclusive bunch of people, so it’s a great place to be supported while you learn, whether it’s to use Mageia or to help make it. Come and join us, and make some of the best friends you’ll ever meet – check out the different ways to do that on our Community page. You can also link up with us on Google+, Facebook or Twitter.

Open Support

Mageia’s bug reporting system is open to everyone, as are the mailing lists, Forums and IRC. Your feedback is welcomed, and we want it to be easy for you to have your voice heard and follow what is happening. And access to our fully tested and prompt security updates is free of charge for everyone.

Looking good!

Thanks so much to Gwenaël for our great new background. The Atelier team has once again had fun putting the Look together around his work – we hope you like it!

Mageia4-background-scaledWe couldn’t do it without…

Our heartfelt thanks go to all the people who donated their time to make this release possible, and all the people who donated money allowing us to buy the servers that we use to build the distribution. And thanks again to Gandi and Ielo for another year’s sponsorship that provides us with blog and website space, and the space and network connections in the datacenter that host our main servers.

Welcome to Mageia 4!

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We won the battle against bugs and the war almost!


Source: http://xkcd.com

Finally Mageia 4 RC release is out! After many nights working on remaining nasty bugs, the isos are now available in your favourite public mirrors.

Thumbs up QA team for the patience and determination for a really long journey until this RC release.  This was nearly the last run for the final release.

This Release Candidate (RC) includes lots of  bug fixes on packages, hardware support, installers (both classical and live one).

Please take some time to test it as it’s the very last chance to fix release critical bugs. You can find some more information here:

We are waiting for your feedback and hope you will enjoy.

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Meet Mageia team during FOSDEM 2014



The Mageia team will attend FOSDEM 2014, on 1st and 2nd of February 2014 in Brussels. We will have a booth in K building, first floor.

It’s a great opportunity to meet you, speak about our favorite distribution, the coming Mageia 4 (we hope to be able to release it during FOSDEM) and all the burning topics you would like. Mageia goodies will also be available.

As previous years, we will also organize the 4th general assembly of the Mageia.Org association, on the 1st of February, during the afternoon. We will communicate on the exact room and time in the morning.

FOSDEM is also a good opportunity for some quality time with other Mageians during Mageia dinner, on Saturday night.

For more information on all this, please see the Mageia wiki page and register!


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