Home, Sweet Home!

We have some very good news today that we’d like to share with you: Mageia is no longer homeless :). We have now a full hosting solution thanks to ielo.net , a French host and provider in the south of France. We would like to thank Julien and Bertrand for their kindness as they will sponsor the Mageia project for hosting and bandwidth.

The Mageia team is now working to prepare all the servers, buy new hard disks and some required hardware (details of expenses will be published of course). We should be able to install them in the datacenter by the end of next week. Then the hard work can start at last! 🙂


Mageia team

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14 Responses to Home, Sweet Home!

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  2. darkscot says:

    Is there really such a word as “sponsorise”?

  3. Neggwada says:

    \o/ Mageia on the road.
    Good luck to all Mageia’s team

    LLTF (Long Life To Mageia)



  4. John Abbott says:

    Excellent news. Identity is more complete with a permanent address :0) I, like hundreds of others patiently await your first release of Mageia. March on – code on!

  5. killer1987 says:

    good news!!! thank you IELO!! : )


  6. ANDRE Ani says:

    Très bonne nouvelle ça !
    Très bien, pourvu que ça dure.
    Bon courage 😉

  7. Clod says:

    Keep it going…cheers!

  8. Qbashi says:

    Dank u ielo !
    Merci ielo!
    Danke ielo!
    Gracias ielo!

  9. Chema says:


  10. watcher says:

    С нетерпением жду первого релиза.

  11. Marc Paré says:

    Congrats! It is nice to see that we now have a home. Time to dress it up and add the furniture … guests are coming!

    Félicitations! Notre propre “chez-nous”! C’est le temps d’accorder son violon … nos visiteurs arrivent!


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