One month later: Mageia’s home is almost habitable!

Work is going on in quite a good way? yep, here is the latest news from the front!

  • Mageia hosting: as announced in the previous post, we have now a full hosting solution for the Mageia project. Servers are now in Marseille, in datacenter. All is now ready to be configured by Saturday for the Mageia build system. We bought some hardware (hard disks, 1 backup server, power switch) in order to make it easier to manage the Mageia servers. Build system team will work in coming week on setting it up and let you guys start at last doing some real work :).
  • Central authentication: Along with setting up the build system, the team is working on an LDAP centralized solution to manage all authenticated services (Bugzilla, build system, svn, blog, forums…). It will come with a web interface to be as easy as a click for all users. Buchan has already committed a first version, you can have a look at the source code here: svn:// (anonymous). Code is being reviewed before we use it in production.
  • The Mageia roadmap and policies: a first official statement will be proposed by the end of this month: a roadmap for the coming 6 months, a layout for Mageia repositories, a statement about various license issues and drafts to discuss for various project policies.
  • Association: Mageia.Org creation is on the way in the French administration. We should have it officially created within 4 weeks. For now we have a receipt that allows us to open a bank account, which we will do in the coming days. It will be usable as soon as Mageia.Org creation is official. So for now we keep using the help of AUFML for accepting donations (thanks to the AUFML guys again for helping us with this!).
  • Code of Conduct: in order to help daily work, a code of conduct is now available. The Mageia team decided to not reinvent the wheel and worked from Mandriva Linux community Code of Conduct. It has been a bit adapted to the Mageia community’s needs and is available for translation.


Mageia team

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