Mageia news: another busy week!

It’s been another very busy week for Mageia! Here is the latest news regarding our progress and the goals for the coming days.

  • Mageia Values: here they are! Thanks to the Mageia marketing team, after discussions, we present the Mageia values page. Please have a look. It will let you appreciate and understand how we see the Mageia project and its values.
  • association: as explained in the previous post, will manage the Mageia project (resources, legal aspects, …). The association has been registered on the 7th of October and should be validated within one month. Long life to!
  • Teams organisation: at the beginning of this week we will propose a process and some advice to start various teams’ work. One of the first tasks will be to elect one representative for the Mageia council and also choose a leader and a co-leader. In order to organise these elections, Olivier Thauvin has finalized the version 2.0 of Epoll, thanks to the help of the Mageia community for debugging and translation. You can test it right now, Epoll will be installed and configured for Mageia.
  • Mageia forums: Maat and Ashledombos have set up phpBB 3 on a temporary dedicated server. It’s now fully working and configured for Mageia needs. We still need to plug it to the LDAP directory for authentication. This will bring centralized authentication and avoid to have several login/password for all Mageia environment. MLO team will kindly host the Mageia forums as they proposed it to help Mageia. As a reminder, this forum will be like a portal for Mageia users. It will also provide links on all local Mageia forums. If you wish to be part of this list, just answer to this post, and you will be contacted. As asked on the mageia-discuss mailing-list, mail gateway on forums will be studied to check if it is technically (and practically) possible and how it can be best organised.
  • Build system and Mageia environment hosting: we are waiting for an answer to get the Mageia build system hosted in some good conditions for the project. As soon as we have a definitive answer, we will rack the servers and start setting up the build system. Also big thanks to gandi for providing us with two virtual machines. It’s used for now to host the LDAP directory. Stay tuned!
  • Centralized authentication: as explained above, the team is working on a centralised authentication using an LDAP directory. Together with an easy web interface, you will be able to register through your account to any Mageia service: Bugzilla, forums, mailing-lists, svn, … It should be as easy as a click. Buchan Milne is our expert on that task :).
  • Mirrors management: Olivier Thauvin has started to work on a web application for mirrors management. It will help to register and maintain mirrors list.
  • PandaBoard: Mageia has applied to the PandaBoard project. The Pandaboard is an ARM board using the TI OMAP4 processor, the project offers some for development. It should be included in the ARM port for Mageia.

As a note, all founders’ meetings are now public. You can see details on wiki.

As usual, you can use mailing-lists, this blog and mageia-contact to comment or ask any questions. Thanks for your patience and see you soon for more news!

Mageia team

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10 Responses to Mageia news: another busy week!

  1. emka says:

    go…go… mageia, the world is waiting for your magic!

  2. drakedalfa says:

    Excellent news 🙂

  3. The link to MLO is broken.
    I don’t know why there will be an ARM port, but it’s nice.
    For the values, I would have liked something more specific: it seems that no distribution will claim they are not “Open”, with no “Quality” and using no “Powerful Technology”…

  4. ennael says:

    MLO link corrected. Thanks for report!

    You post your comment on values on mageia-discuss mailing-list so that everybody can speak about it.

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  6. Alessandro says:

    I am looking forward to the final Mageia logo, so that I can put it in my avatar!

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  8. Clod says:

    5 core values is very good…but isn’t social software and open relation is almost somewhat synonymous? Mageia values are unto technology/solution,knowledge/learning,quality/standard and community/relation/social.

    Can’t wait for the first release! Keep it up…cheers.

  9. Ignacio says:

    Responding to the previous comment…
    I think they are different:

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