News about the association

Hello all,

Here it is! The association has now been officially created as you can see on the “Journal Officiel”. (You can now send us postcards and gifts! :-))

The association base members:
– President: Anne Nicolas
– Secretary: Arnaud Patard
– Treasurer: Damien Lallement

Another piece of good news, the bank account for Mageia.Org is now open! In a few days the transfer of funds from AUFML (who have generously managed the task of collecting the donations on behalf of Mageia.Org) to the Mageia.Org bank account, will have been finished. I will keep in touch with you so stay tuned; also I plan to publish a statement of the expenses used, up till now.

Again a big thank you to AUFML (especially DjeZAel, lafeebleue and maat) for their help during the creation of the association and to all of you for donating all this money! 🙂

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12 Responses to News about the association

  1. AL13N says:


  2. Marc Paré says:

    Congratulations to the association and to all of its members. It is another great day for Mageia.


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  4. spiralofhope says:

    Grats! Setting up an association, getting a bank account and getting donations flowing is quite a challenge.

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  7. Livio says:

    Counting on you! Get even better than Mandriva did in the past!

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  11. Gilles Fontaine says:


    I’m a personnel user of mandriva, it’s just a hobby at this point but i’m interested in your project. As i’m also French Certified Public Accountant and legal auditor, do not hesitate to contact me if any advice is needed.

    congratulations !