Our baby is here: Mageia 1

We are the Mageia community, and today we are happy to tell everyone that our first release, Mageia 1, is out and available for download.

For people who want to cut to the chase, you can see what’s available, choose your version and download it from mageia.org/downloads.

What is different about Mageia?

Mageia is about people – the people who make and the people who use Mageia the Linux distribution. We’re a good community, and we like to include our users in our community; the people who continue to join us make it better still.

Mageia is about technical excellence – we pursue excellence, so Mageia people will have the best computing experience we can make. Whether you’re a programmer or a student, a business user or a system administrator – whatever your use of your computer, we’d like to help you make it a good experience. Try Mageia 1 and see what you think.

Mageia is about quality – our release promises to be as solid and perfect as Mandriva at its best; that’s our heritage.

Mageia is open – we are committed to the Open Source ideal, we are open to new people and new ideas, and we have open governance of our community.

Mageia is International – our community comes from all over the planet to help Mageia “speak” many languages. Mageia’s structure and its anchor in the user community have already produced excellent results.

Mageia is about diversity – Mageia offers and maintains applications for a wide variety of user groups – with applications ranging from game-playing and music-listening to scientific and engineering applications.

Mageia is about equilibrium – we strive to maintain balance between leading-edge developments and the stable computing experience.

Why might you choose Mageia?

Aside from our great distro, you mean? We’re a great community, and we’re getting better all the time. We care for each other, and in doing so, we try for the best user experience. We’d like to welcome you into our community, while making sure your Mageia installation is trouble-free and a joy to use.

What’s different about us? we’re completely community based, with everything that implies. Our organisation is community-driven; no commercial management can dictate the path Mageia will take; you as a Mageia user can have more say in the future of this distribution than anywhere else.

Standing on the shoulders of Giants

Our team of developers, packagers, contributors, translators, sysadmins and testers have all worked super-hard to bring Mageia 1 to readiness on time.

And we’re all gratefully aware of the amazing work of people at Mandriva, KDE, GNOME, Xfce, LXDE, the Linux kernel team, the FSF and all the many, many people writing free software – thanks to you all for inspiring us and making the great software that forms the foundation of Mageia.

We want to carry that further into the future and make Mageia the best we possibly can.

What is Mageia?

Mageia is both a community and a Linux distribution. Find out more at:

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Curious about Mageia? Download it, give it a try and tell us how you feel about it.

Want to bring something to it? Learn how you can contribute and donate.

66 Responses to Our baby is here: Mageia 1

  1. Eugeni says:

    Congratulations! 🙂

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  3. isadora says:

    The only thing i can say: it is just …………… well it’s just Mageia!!!!

    A great compliment to all who have contributed in making this such a wonderful start for a brand new distribution!!!

  4. gejo says:

    Thanks to all who have contributed 🙂

  5. joao matos says:


  6. Jacob Heringman says:

    Congratulations! Here’s to the future.

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  8. Ifontoc says:

    Downloading and can’t wait to test it.. I hope it lives up with it’s expectation.

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  11. Jin-tong says:

    Congratulations! It’s great!

  12. Bασιλης says:

    ΜΑΓΕΙΑ all over the world. Πάμε γερά με τρέλλα!!!

  13. darkduck says:

    Downloaded! Currently burn my CD. Will test ASAP!!!
    Guys, you do a great job!

  14. drakkar says:

    Congratulations, the baby is definitively a pretty one!
    Thanks to all contributors who bet on that very promising distribution.
    Long life to Mageia!!!

  15. Fred James says:

    Thank you! I have been waiting, and now I am downloading!

  16. Mustafaa says:

    Congratulations, hope it becomes a lot better than Mandriva.

  17. Jasper Loy says:

    Just installed the gnome version which looks great! Congrats on this first release and please keep offering gnome!

  18. JanKusanagi says:

    Looks great 🙂

  19. Frank says:

    Thank you very much !!!!

  20. Ajatshatru says:

    Congrats for this first release. Best wishes for mageia. Will downloa and test soon !

  21. kelisa says:

    The waiting is over.

    Wait, no delta patch from RC –> final ?

  22. Marcio Padula says:


    Welcome mageia 1

    Mageia, I wish prosperity!

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  24. Dani says:

    Congratz on your 1st release, great work guys 🙂

  25. mechatotoro says:

    I updated from RC and everything went great.
    I also downloaded the iso.
    This baby came to the world the same date in which my baby girl turns nine-months old. This is a wonderful present!

    Everything is working on my netbook. Mageia won its share on the HD!
    もう一度、おめでとう!!! (Again, congratulations!!!)

  26. Haldrin Figueiredo says:

    Parabéns a toda comunidade do software livre e aos desenvolvedores por mais um grande lançamento. Parabéns MAGEIA !

  27. MacLone says:

    My Mageia KDE test ended today with two big bugs: The installer do the partitioning, starts to do the image copy to hard dsik and then…nothing… just a blank square for more than 10 minutes… then reacted againg so i could finish the installation.
    Second bug: No compiz 3D, no configuration possible. This is a bug many other people are experiencing. Kwin crashing too so no 3D at all.
    I’m sorry to say this but Mageia 1 was not a quality experience for me like they say.

    • wobo says:

      Pls describe the problem with detailed information about your computer (graphic chip) in our forum – I am sure you will find a solution/help there.

      • MacLone says:

        Hi Wobo.
        My CDs are double checked for errors when burning using md5, burned at low speed and checked again if the distro has this feature at startup.
        My PC is an AMD Atlon64 3000+/ 1 Gb ram/ 200 mb HD/ Biostar MB./ nVidia 6200-256Mb AGP. This is my test machine and never fails with any distro unless… there is a bug 🙂

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  29. AllenCYTang says:

    Thanks to you guys who make the open source world a great place !

    Congratulations !

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  32. itsmeagain says:

    xorg 1.10.1 does not play well with some Nvidia cards using the Nvidia driver. Expect kwin crashes, desktop freezes when resizing an application window and random black screen corruption.

    • MacLone says:

      Yep, maybe is because nVidia 6200/7300 drivers. I suppose there will be a fix soon.

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  34. ashledombos says:

    Wonderful, and congratulations !

  35. kaddy says:

    Great work guys!!!

    although I would you would get rid of that awful urpmi package manager along with that rubbish graphical front end…. how about an software centre? apt-get for rpm along with it? Software centre’s are the way to go now… much easier for newbies to navigate, read, and learn about what software is on offer in all categories and make a decision on what to try out based upon their needs 🙂

    • wobo says:

      You are very welcome to join us during our coming up “brainstorming”! Explain your proposition and discuss it with the users, developpers, packagers – Mageia is a community distribution, it will become what the community wants it to become.

  36. kaddy says:

    omg, lot’s of typos on my comment…. had a few jack daniels. bahahahhaa
    but you know what I’m trying to say

  37. ANDRE Ani says:

    Congratulations !
    Thanks a lot 😉

  38. rsuriakumar says:

    I have downloaded the kde live iso.
    before installing in the main machine i wanted to try in virtualbox in opensuse.

    installation went smooth and updation also went smooth.

    i find the distro working smoothly better than fedora 15. but i dont find any speciality like ubuntu unity or fedora gnome3 it is like normal distribution. expecting your magic soon

    good work

    • wobo says:

      How do you define a “normal distribution” and an “unnormal distribution”? We do not have Gnome 3 or Unity, we have other advantages (not so much on eye-candy, I admit). We focussed on a stable and plain distribution. Whether we will integrate Unity or Gnome3 in the future will be discussed during our “brainstorming weeks” coming up. You are invited to join and share your opinions!

      • rsuriakumar says:

        Normal in the sense without latest /modern desktop look
        I have lenova all one machine with 3 gb ram.
        ubuntu natty and opensuse 11.4 winxp and magia 1 all are running in the same machine.
        i like the ubuntu’s unity desktop very much. only the filemanager gets struck up very often.

        it will be very nice, if you port unity desktop to magia

  39. CandyMan says:

    Great work guys!
    I hope I find some time on the weekend to install the new baby 🙂
    Thanks for your work, I’m looking forward for it.

  40. Ole Thilqvist says:

    very usefull and stabel
    an old mandrake fan

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  43. Alex Chejlyk says:


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  45. Chris says:

    I can’t believe how fast yesterday got here. I’ve had it marked on my calendar since you guys set the date and time flew in the meantime. You guys really worked your tails off to get this distro ready for action and it doesn’t disappoint. I installed it last night and it’s running beautifully. I got my Nvidia driver installed without a single problem and everything else that I like in the repositories has either been installed or will be shortly. Great job all around on getting this beauty ready for the masses. You guys rock and so does this distribution. 🙂

  46. Cristiano Mamede says:

    Acompanhamos e torcemos muito ao longo desses meses de gestação!
    O nenem já está sendo instalado via atualização…

  47. micko says:

    Please update the official mirrors. Mageia is available at a fast mirror http://mirror.aarnet.edu.au/pub/mageia/iso/1/ for Australians (and possibly fast for New Zealanders, Pacific Islanders etc) in all flavours. I’m guessing there are plenty of other mirrors not publicised too.

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  49. Klemen says:

    I don’t see any KDE Live CD with Slovenian language. Is it possible to select which language will be installed from LiveCD installer or is there an easy way to switch the language after Mageia is installed? Or will I have to download the full DVD to get Slovenian language? Oh and why are there on 64-bit Live CDs?

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  52. Pavel Penchev says:

    Upgraded last night from Mandriva 2010.2 and it went flawlessly. Fantastic work guys!

    Keep up the good work,
    A happy Mageia user

    • linux21years says:

      Very nice! Wonderful. My admiration and congrats!

      Update via urpmi, everything working so far.

      Well done!

  53. Mandrivian says:

    Mageia_1_short_description (animation) on youtube

  54. Bob says:

    I’d love to try a Live CD. But there are just the obsolete 32-bit versions available. Mandriva policy or initial lack of self confidence? 😉

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  57. Eugeni says:

    I guess blino will do 64bit One isos as well in nearby future :).

  58. rsuriakumar says:

    how to register in the mageia forum
    i do not find any link for that