FrOSCon and OpenRheinRuhr: Mageia on tour

Alien and obgr_seneca

For six years now, the University of Applied Sciences Bonn-Rhein-Sieg is inviting to the Free and Open Source Software Conference (short FrOSCon) in August.

Together with the German user community Mageia was present there with a stand and a project room where several talks were done (and where we had the possibility to sleep).
FrOSCon is not really targeting a public audience but is more some kind of family meeting of the German Open Source community as a whole.

So the main point of interest are the talks about a large bandwidth of Open Source topics. The project stands are more used as meeting points for people of different projects to talk to each other.

As every year the social event, a barbecue in the atrium of the University was used to keep social contacts with other projects alive and get to know new people.


Another event in the German OpenSource calendar is the OpenRheinRuhr in November. For the third time now this event took place in the so called “Ruhrpott” in the northwest of Germany.

Mageia was (again) sharing a booth with the German Mandriva user community

Mageia booth at the ORR

Wobo, Teddy and Alf

And different from the FrOSCon the OpenRheinRuhr is targeting the public audience, so we had quite some visitors at our booth, people already using Mageia as well as people asking for more information about the project and the distribution.

And of course we took the chance to talk to other OpenSource people about various topics.

If you are interested in more pictures, have a look here.

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5 Responses to FrOSCon and OpenRheinRuhr: Mageia on tour

  1. ferri says:

    Where is Mageia 2 alpha 1?

  2. Dave Hodgins says:

    I’ve just posted a comment to the mageia-discuss mailing list about this, that I’ll copy here.

    The Mageia 2 alpha 1 pre-release iso images were made available
    to members of the qa team 10 Nov 2011.

    A few relatively minor bugs, that have a major impact were
    found such as (Udev timeout too short) libdrakx-kbd-mouse-x11 fails to install causing urpmi cascade errors making an update
    from mga 1 to alpha 1 unable to run rpm. Live iso boot can’t
    find live filesystem.

    We’re currently waiting for those to be resolved, and the iso images

    Regards, Dave Hodgins

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