Server outage

From sysadmin team

Update 2011/12/29 00:30 UTC: Main server is now back and we have fixed everything.

Update 2011/12/20 15:30 UTC: Mageia website has been migrated to an other server. Mailing lists are still offline. We are still working on it.

Last night, around 00:40 CET, the main server of, which still hosts some of the mageia services, suffered from serious I/O problems on the boot volume of the raid array. One of the admins decided to reboot it hoping this could solve the problem, but the server was not able to start up and the various remote control systems (serial cable, admin card) are not sufficient to solve this problem. admins have contacted Lost Oasis (who offers hosting to Mageia.Org and to find a solution. Since the servers are in south of France, few people of the team can access it without a long travel.

We have no ETA to give for now. The known impacted services are:

  • some of the mailing lists (at least mageia-dev, mageia-discuss and some others)
  • the main website (
  • the old wiki (new one on is fine).

The build system as well as all other websites are working fine. All data is safe on a backup on another server, but without physical access and spare drives we cannot do much for the server.

Feel free to ask on IRC (#mageia or #mageia-dev on if you have any questions. We will update this post as soon as we have more information.

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11 Responses to Server outage

  1. roger olson says:


    Could you please tell me how different is Mageia from Ubuntu? I use Ubuntu and just don,t know enough about computers or how software works.

    I thought about downloading Mageia onto a live cd/dvd disk and chek it out. Is that possible?

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  3. The Rifleman says:

    Sorry to hear about this outage. It re-enforces my underwhelming desire to go cloud. However, I just wanted to say I’m loving Mageia 2 Alpha 1 and now 2.

    I installed Mageia 2 – Alpha 1 in VMware Player. (Most Current) K-Mail started bombing out and blowing up the desktop so I couldn’t use it. So I suppose that why it is missing in Alpha 2.

    I upgraded Alpha 1 to Alpha 2 by pointing VMware Player to the Alpha 2 DVD ISO file. The upgrade was uneventful!! I was impressed that with having to format the Root Directory, how much of my Alpha 1 Post Configuration settings were still there! inAlpha 2!! Even my Contacts and appointments were still there.

    I was also impressed with the fact that Alpha 2 was able to reconnect to my Home Directory which is formated as an Extended / Logical Partition. Most Distros can’t do that and the whole thing goes South quick and User Data is lost! However, Not with Mageia 2 – Alpha 2 upgrading from Alpha 1! Looking forward to the final release in May.

  4. Gunther says:

    There is a problem with latest update of mageia. The update tries to instal packages:
    (in polish language version)
    It shows information about deleting LibreOffice packages (becouse of dependency issues). The result is deleted Libre Office.
    My unexperienced in linux friend did it and now can not work with the office suite during the holidays …
    (I could not find e-mail address to inform you about the problem).
    Merry Christmas to all

    • wobo says:

      > I could not find e-mail address to inform you about the problem

      Just look at the portal website of Mageia ( ), there are some addresses to turn to:
      – the forum where you can report problems and ask for help (the matching address in your case)
      – an IRC channel where you can ask if it is a pressing situation
      The blog is not really meant for support

      Thank you

  5. I am impressed with how well Mageia 1 works right out of install. Especially the following worked well:

    Printer install/adding – I had a hung USB port that my printer was hooked to. CUPS did not find printer until I unplugged printer USB cable and then plugged it back in while I was having CUPS search for a printer. CUPS found printer, and Mageia installed the right packages and driver got auto-installed once I re-chose the printer that was then set up. Printer now works, and it did not work in Mandriva. It is an Epson Workforce 30.

    The Generic Panel video setup choices work well. I have Mageia now on two laptops, and without the flat panel choices I would have had to have a low resolution to get default refresh rates to work. That is a big barrier conquered for those who use laptops for video work and want Linux but need high resolution.

    Sorry to hear about your email server being down, hope it gets put back up soon. But, happy holidays and thanks for a good distro.

  6. Misc says:

    Cloud is not the solution ( and especially since the word is rather misused ). If by cloud, you mean “outsourcing the service”, that’s something that was not negociable for We were hosting the PLF, and as members of the project and admins of the server, it was better to be the only admin on it, and not some corporations following laws of another country ( see for example the story about PS3 hacking, or the story about DeCSS, etc ).

    The main problem we have with the server is when we have to go see it physically. And this was such a problem, and that was the bad moment ( due to christmas ). However, pascal terjan managed to fix the admin card applet by rewriting something in ruby ( one more reason to refuse code we cannot fix, even for remote control hardware … )

  7. obgr_seneca says:

    There’s already a bugreport about that problem:

    If I’m not mistaken, that could be solved by some clever rewrite rules, no?