Happy New Mageia Year!

Welcome back from the holidays! It seems like we’re all refreshed, we all had a great time and we’re all ready to dive into 2012 and make Mageia even better.

First up on the events calendar is FOSDEM.

FOSDEM is the Free and Open Source Developers’ European Meeting. It’s a 2-day conference held in Brussels, Belgium, and it’s to promote the widespread use of Free and Open Source software. Held every February for more than 10 years, it’s a major event for the free software enthusiast in Europe. Check out our FOSDEM planning page for 2012 here.

We were there last year for the first time as Mageia. Here’s our report.
This year we’ll be a little bit more visible at FOSDEM, because we’ve grown, so we hope it’s a bit easier to find us:

On the Mageia stand

Like last year, we have been granted a stand in the section dedicated to community projects, alongside other distributions such as Opensuse, Fedora, or projects like GNOME and KDE.

We will be there to answer to questions, present the project, showcase the new alpha 3 ISO, give away Live Mageia 1 CDS and to have a friendly chat with everybody who would like to share with us. Please do come and say hello if you have the occasion, between talks.

If you’re a Mageia person, we’d love to have your help – come and hand out CDs, tell people how you use Mageia, talk to other packagers and developers, or just get a picture taken with your favorite Mageia contributors!

Mageia-related talks

And again, like last year, we’re doing our part with the talks and sessions.

Our contributor Misc (Michael Scherer) will do a talk about the distribution, more precisely about the unified login setup that was set up by sysadmins. He will also participate in a round table about the subject of system administration of Linux distribution projects, to share and discuss ideas.

Several other talks are planned, like a cross distribution talk about local team, and there’s a proposal for a session called “Cross distro problem solving” that we might be part of. We’ll update the FOSDEM page on the wiki as we get more info.

Mageia General Assembly

Each year Mageia must hold a General Assembly, to elect replacement board members, give a financial report and do some other reporting, and to conduct other business as required.

We’ll be announcing the place, day and time of the Assembly once it’s fixed, as well as announcing the final agenda and the process for nominations and voting.

The Saturday Dinner at FOSDEM

We’re starting to put our names down on the list to have dinner on Saturday night. The list is on the wiki page – come join us!

How you can help at FOSDEM

  • Log into the wiki and go to the FOSDEM planning page.
  • Put your name down to help on the stand and contact the stand organiser – details are on the wiki page.

Come and join the fun!

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10 Responses to Happy New Mageia Year!

  1. tim says:

    hi, thank you for a great distro..looking forward to mageia 2 and watching mageia’s progress in 2012..too bad there’s not a update, to fix sound through headphone jack..that is my only issue with 2012…

    • diego says:

      hi tim,

      if you are courageous enough then go for cauldron, its running quite nicely here, of course it’s not the same quality yet as a release and you will do update after update, but it is also a fun thing following a distro development in the first row 🙂

  2. Lucas says:

    Hello! I sent a theme that developed there in Flickr Mageia-artwork but it seems that the 3 months it still okay. I wish someone could check and an opinion. The theme can be found here as well http://kde-look.org/content/show.php/Aquary?content=147688.

  3. Donald Stewart (schultz) says:

    Thanks for the theme, I will add it to the list of stuff I am considering for a short list for mga 2.

    if you want feel free to join the artwork team, I would give you some links but I am on my phone, so you can find all of the info on the wiki or ask on the artwork list.

    thanks for your work, it.is really appreciated.

    • Lucas says:

      Thanks for responding. The wiki seems to be outdated, the links do not work. I managed to register my account on Mageia. I am available to develop the theme and change as needed.

      • Donald Stewart (Lucas) says:

        Hi Lucas,

        That is great to hear that you will help develop the theme.

        What would be really good is if you mailed a link to it to the artwork list so that everyone there can see it.
        I will forward it to some of the kde maintainers, but I think most are subscribed to the artwork list anyway

        In the new wiki, the artwork teams page is here: https://wiki.mageia.org/en/Artwork_team
        The mailing list info is on this page, I hope that this helps and thanks again for the work.

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  5. tim says:

    diego thank u for the reply.. i usually wait for the final drop, but i think i’ll do that…will i have to reinstall it, when the final version drops, or just update?? thanks