Here comes Mageia 2 Alpha3!

The third development release, Mageia 2 Alpha3 is now available for tests. This is the last alpha version so we really need your input now.

More information on Alpha3:

Thanks to everyone for their hard work on Alpha 2 development and Alpha 3 first tests.

Note: Due to Dracut migration, live CDs upload will be delayed until end of next week. Work is in progress on draklive to fix this.

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16 Responses to Here comes Mageia 2 Alpha3!

  1. Matheus Macabu says:

    What about Cinnamon support?
    Would be amazing 😀

    • obgr_seneca says:

      Well, if there is a packager who would like to import and maintain it, why not?
      You just have to find one.

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  5. Asfak Motiwala says:

    make cinnamon as default

    • obgr_seneca says:

      As I said, if there is a packager who wants to import and maintain it, there’s no argument against it.
      But I don’t know if there is anyone interested in it. You can always post a rpm package request for it in our bugzilla…

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  11. dr0 says:

    i can’t get mageia 2 alpha 3 32 bit to install. it takes way longer to install then mageia 1 did and it hangs at 4 mins left of install.. i don’t know if it’s a bad iso or what?? i burned the iso at slowest speed also. i see someone left a bug report for this issue..

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  13. Chris says:

    Not a great start I would say, obviously a few install problems have arisen.
    It could be that all free software is being used, and I like to support this – so..

    I tried installation of Alpha 3, on a Sony Vaio VGN N17G laptop, Reboot either gives a few minutes of Mageia with dots counting toward boot, and then Black screen, or completes dots but then just waits 50 mins and counting. now 60 mins, great time to have breakfast, so I restarted …Grub 1.5 loads then 10 seconds of mageia with dots then black, then back to dots got to 3 then black … and finally boots Yay !

    ( I am writing this on another computer ), Graphics chose choice was Plug and Play during install, and Custom. The fact you can choose graphical desktops is good.

    Given this is Alpha its a great opportunity to contribute to help the project.

    Also install gave no choice of partitioning, I chose to use existing partitions wherein Mageia gave me no choice at all to actually keep those partitions. Yes I had carefully saved my prior home folder on an external drive, so was prepared. This needs to be fixed, can I suggest Gparted be incorporated into installation.

    Tried KDE, LXDE Gnome3 failed to load but defaulted to Gnome Classic due to Graphics issue. No WiFi, as had been explained at the Distrowatch site.
    Overall very impressed, and nice to see Mageia getting ready for its 2nd Birthday.

    • obgr_seneca says:

      Sorry, if this got temporarily unapproved, someone must have pushed a wrong button.

      Thanks for your feedback, but I would have one request:
      It is quite difficult for the developers in question to scan those comments here, so it would be more helpful to the project, if problems would be reported on the bugzilla, on report for each problem arising, this way they can be assigned to the developer in question, who can then work on it.