Protect the Internet, say no to SOPA

Mageia joins the anti-SOPA online strike this January 18.

What is SOPA? It’s a great legislation to bring if you want governments and corporations to decide what you can or cannot do and say on the Internet: state and corporate censorship. This article on why SOPA and Protect IP are bad ideas has a great summary about this.

Although SOPA and PIPA are US-only bills, they would deeply impact the Internet, worldwide, for individuals and organisations, on many levels. They may badly influence for similar, more local initiatives as well (although some countries did not wait for them, unfortunately).

This is serious. This is about outdated business models and practices that struggle to survive, at all costs for others to pay, instead of embracing change and struggling to reform. It’s the “back to the trees” mindset. It’s the reptilian brain against the neocortex.

We oppose the views behind these bills, we oppose the vision of the Internet and of society these bills come from and want to lead to.

Joining the demonstration is a small, puny, short step. We take this step. With thousands and thousands others.

Note: this strike will impact diversely on our Wiki, our blog and our main web site.

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5 Responses to Protect the Internet, say no to SOPA

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  2. Werni says:

    SOPA and PIPA… but what about ACTA? ACTA is as bad as SOPA – ask Electronic Frontier Foundation and Reporters Without Borders,41557.html .
    Many Polish people are trying to stop their authorities from signing and ratifiying ACTA. We’re do not defend counterfeiting. We are concerned for our liberties.
    Please spread the word. We believe it’s not too late.

  3. They don’t need these laws to do whatever they wish, look what happened to Megaupload

  4. We can, we will need to and we shall prevent ACTA. We all need to get engaged and if you’ve got a blog, manage a webpage or are a participant of a discussion forum, you have to let your subscibers or similar visitors comprehend what is going on. These laws were not made to defend us or to safeguard copyright but to shut off any internet site which they want to shut down.

  5. “Stop Online Piracy Act” or SOPA are relating to world-wide online censorship, China method. Just type SOPA into The major search engines and inform yourself regarding this and fight against it. Every person will be stricken desperately by it.