Scheduled servers downtime

We are going to make some upgrades in our data center in Marseille from this Wednesday to Thursday (February 1st and 2nd).

As a consequence, some servers will be offline and the following services will be impacted for that period of time (likely unavailable): LDAP, build system, SVN repositories, Bugzilla (read-only), mail aliases, mailing-lists managed by sympa (, Wiki (read-only), forums (read-only), transifex, epoll, svn, git, youri web interface, maint db.

So, expect not to be able to use our services for those two full days. This blog, the main Web site and other mailing-lists managed by mailman ( will still be available.

In the meantime, in our Marseille data center, 4 of our sysadmin team (dams, boklm, rtp and misc in this case) will do nothing less than:

  • upgrade servers to Mageia 1,
  • replace broken HDD (smart errors on 4 disks) with new brand WD RE4,
  • add 1 SSD in each build node for packaging and add 2 HDD (raid1) for the system,
  • install our ARM build system “homemade”: we will upload pictures of it,
  • install a dedicated server for backups, fiona, with more than 3TB in raid5,
  • install a dedicated server for QA and packagers: dual AMD 6-core, 32GB of RAM, 2x300GB (SAS 15k) in raid0 .

All hardware purchased thanks to what Mageia.Org received from so many donators.
Thank you again!

This is quite a short notice, we apologize for this. Thank you for your comprehension (and please spread the info to your list/team if relevant).

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6 Responses to Scheduled servers downtime

  1. Not the one says:

    i say do what you must to keep us up and running

    we will endure

  2. Felipe says:

    It seams that is down too? I couldn’t get a mirrors list for a fresh Mageia install, which not very good. It would be good to have somewhere a list of urpmi.addmedia calls for some known mirrors for ocasions when is down.

    • obgr_seneca says:

      Yes, is affected as well.
      About those urpmi calls, that depends on, where one lives…

      By the way, mirrors seems to be back!

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  4. The Rifleman says:

    This is a positive sign things are growing at Mageia. I also want to say it’s great having a tool like “DrakX11” at the Command Line. I apparently goofed when I was checking things in my video driver under “Mageia Control Center”. The X-Server would not start the next day and the boot process just left me at a Command Line. “DrakX11” allowed be to correct the issue and once again, boot into KDE. It’s stuff like this that sets you apart from the rest! Many other Distro’s would require a re-install and hope for the best when it comes to having everything intact when finally back at a desktop. So with convenience like that, I can endure a little inconvenience knowing Mageia will be a much better product for it. Cheers Mageia! – And thanks.

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