Next step – Alpha 2 is ready to test

Here’s the next milestone on the way to Mageia 2 – Alpha 2 ISOs are ready for download.

More than ever we need you to test, test, test and report bugs.

Check the wiki links for:

Thanks to everyone for their hard work on Alpha 1. Please do it again for Alpha 2!

Note: Accidentally, x86_64 DVD ISOs were uploaded yesterday, that didn’t even boot. Please redownload the new ISOs, if you already downloaded those. There’s been an update to the Errata to help those folks who were caught by this.


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18 Responses to Next step – Alpha 2 is ready to test

  1. Maximilien says:

    Thanks to the mageia community to make the OS better and better. I use Mageia 1 with lots of pleasures.
    Keep this way Mageia !

  2. Jin-tong says:

    I wanna know whether I need to download an Alpha 2 iso to test if I’ve installed Alpha 1 and kept updating it on my computer. They don’t differ much, do they?

    • obgr_seneca says:

      Well, if you just want to know, how Cauldron is evolving towards Mageia 2, you don’t have to install Alpha2.
      But the sense behind Alpha and Beta releases is to test the whole installer, including the hardware recognition. And also to see, if the software compilation on the media is ok.

  3. MayaMax says:

    I like to test this new flavoure of linux based os.

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  6. Jaglu says:

    Congratulations! – I multiboot 5 distros. — Debian, Kubuntu, Mint, Fedora come with Grub2. So no problems. After installing openSUSE I had to use Super Grub2 to boot Debian and reinstall bootloader to MBR. But then it was OK.

    With Mageia1 no such luck. And it seems to be the same with the new Alpha.
    So I guess I just have to wait until Grub2 comes to Mageia. Hopefully soon, at least as an option when installing.

  7. mariano rajoy says:

    thanks very much, I’m sure there is a lot of hard work behind it. Mageia1 has been my main distro this last year and I’m just waiting to see whats inside this release number 2. Greetings from Euskal Herria (Basque Country)!

  8. Christian says:

    Excuse me! But where is Anne?
    Sorry, it’s not about Mageia distribution, but I (the previous Mandriva fan) don’t know who is Patricia Fraser?

    • trish says:

      I think Anne’s now involved directly with KDE. I’m part of the Mageia Marketing and Comms team. Hope you’re enjoying Mageia!

      • trish says:

        Oops! Too many Annes. Ennael is of course exactly where she belongs, right here with Mageia!
        Apologies for any heart-attacks I just caused…

    • ennael says:

      Still here but having some rest after a personal release one month ago 🙂 But I stay around Mageia and I’ll be back (fear 🙂 )

  9. dro says:

    can’t wait for mageia 2

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  13. JJC Bradshaw says:

    I can’t believe how so RIGHT Mageia 1 is compared to Mandriva Live 1 2011. I have a rather exotic ASUS notebook, known as model G74SX-XT1, with 2,3 Quad-Cores, 16GB of RAM with a 1920 x 1080 LCD flatscreen. I noodled away 2 hours of my rapidly dwindling life on Mandriva 1 trying to get anywhere near my screen res. Ended up going in circles even with suggestions from their forum, until Mandriva DEMANDED I CHOOSE either 800 x 600 or 600 x 4-something. Other hardware was not even detected. So as far as hardware detection in general and screen res. in particular; compared to Mageia, Mandriva could not detect it buttocks with both of its hand in its back pockets! I say bring on M-2 x 64! That’s the only way I will ever uninstall M-1 x 32.

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