Mageia 2 is approaching: test Mageia 2 beta 1

We are now entering last run for Mageia 2 release: first beta is now available for tests. Beta step is essential as it will focus on fixing bugs and improving integration for all distribution. This is now also the main focus for our packagers team. They are waiting for your reports!

Get more information on Beta 1:

Special thanks to our small but great QA team who performed pre release tests.

While DVD isos are available we still have work in progress on live CDs. We did lack of time for alpha release until now. Work is starting again on it and we do expect to be able to upload them soon. Sorry for the delay.

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28 Responses to Mageia 2 is approaching: test Mageia 2 beta 1

  1. Drav' says:

    I didn’t test Mageia yet but the v.2 will be the opurtunity to try it !
    Keep going on guys, you’re doing a great job.

    Greetings and support from France. 🙂

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  4. Bùi Quang Huy says:

    I used to love Mandriva alot and now i’m waiting for Mageia 2.

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  6. Very Good! What’s OS’s packages manager?

  7. Konstantinos Emmanouil says:

    Thanks for all your hard work !

    I tried installing yesterday, but the installer hangs when trying to mount the install partition. I tried having the HDD pre-partitioned (to ext4), but the had the same problem. I tried also partitioting the drive from within the Mageia 2beta installer, but no luck..

    • obgr_seneca says:

      Strange, we didn’t haave that in our tests. Do you install on real hardware or inside a vm?

      • Konstantinos Emmanouil says:

        On real hardware using a DVD.
        Tried it on a 120gb hdd and on a 60gb SSD. Sometimes before getting to the partition editor, the installer would just “freeze”.
        I know my disks are ok, as I have tried installing other linux distros on them before and after Mageia. (like Mint 12, Ubuntu, etc etc)

        What other info could I give to help?

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  9. Diego says:

    Thanks for this great distribution.

  10. isadora says:

    Installed 32bits-DVD-version/KDE into VMWare Virtual Machine.
    Installation and configuration all went smooth.
    Will go on testing from this and report where necessary.

    Great job folks, it feels and looks good!!!

  11. Bob Hinds says:

    If you are having trouble getting the iso image to fit on a CD, why not go ahead and create a smaller Live DVD image? Other distributions are now doing that.

    I would like to test the beta, but I have just a mobile broadband connection so the current DVD images are too large.

    • obgr_seneca says:

      It’s not the size, that is a problem. It’s getting them to run with all the changes in the init process.

  12. Good Job, guys!

    I have Mageia 2 alpha installed in VirtualBox.

    If I did “urpmi –auto –auto-update” I will have beta 1?

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  15. Scott M. Allen says:

    I’ve tried this Distro… with Mixed Results – on a ThinkPad T42 – It has hung, I tried another CD burn… finally got it to begin loading – and it takes SO L O N G to install 2 or 3 times longer than any Distro that I’ve ever loaded ??? Any Idea why so long – Mint, Ubuntu, Sabayon, SUSE 12… all load in about 1/2 hour ( Why so long )

  16. dale says:

    Installed the beta twice, tried updating twice, twice I get a red circle with a line through it saying whoops, your system is fried, contact administrators. Video with ati hd4350 pretty bad also. Will wait for the final.

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  19. Sayth says:

    Keep up the good work. I will wait for March 15 and Beta 2 to test.

  20. Jeffrey says:

    I have been happily using Mageia 1 gnome with excellent results on my laptops and desktops. I couldn’t get sound or mpeg-4 on KDE, but that was a laptop issue, gnome worked perfect on same. (I used to use Mint which is OK but 12 is a flop) Mageia is the only distro besides UE 2.8/3.0 (for eye candy) that does not have some critical flaw. Looks great, works best on my Satellite A70 too. I like the rpm installer and the up to date packages like Minitube version that actually installs and works. Installing flash if needed is a breeze and desktop cube is not laggy. Sounds silly, but if the OS does not play Hulu or run Minitube without hassle, it goes into the coaster pile. I would like to see Conky working good on M2.

    Anyway, THANKS team for making our systems better and I look forward to Mageia 2, but honestly, I don’t see how it can be any better than the great M 1. I have not tried the beta yet, no available machine or live cd, so it will be a surprise!

  21. Chris Daly says:

    Installed Mageia 2 Beta 1 on my Sony laptop. Big improvements, and dare I say now better than Linux Mint.

    Minor issues are getting wifi connection to work, I had to download the intel tar.gz file that Mageia recommend and use temporarily a wired connection, and installation took about 40 mins requiring a forced turn off…. but all was well.

    I am enjoying all the desktops including KDE, LXDE Gnome, Gnome Classic , E17 , and more. Lovely, Mageia Thank You !!

    Cheers / Chris

  22. user7 says:

    Any news regarding the live CD? I’m eager to test hardware support of MGA2 (only regression testing, actually), but whithout it I can’t do much… 🙁