General Assembly and first year review for Mageia.Org

As we said in a previous post, Mageia.Org’s General Assembly took place during FOSDEM, on 04/02/2012, in Bruxelles. The moral report was presented at the GA, while the financial report was sent later. Both reports have been approved by association members. Here are links to the two reports:

Some questions were asked during the presentation:

  • Wiki translation ( obgr_seneca ): the question was about what to do for a translated wiki, ie should it be used for locale content or just translation. Oliver said he would take care of organizing the discussion about it.
  • User communication, ( obgr_seneca ): Oliver reminded that he participated in the round table.
  • Pledge from Rosa and invitation to participate ( peroyvind): Per Øyvind explained to us that he was talking with Rosalab about having an umbrella organisation, with a pledge to help such a foundation with money. We answered that we would not be opposed but without more information, we cannot answer much, and so we would take a look once more information is public.
  • Mageia app db ( panu ): panu wanted to know the status of mageia app db, and we redirected him to the developers of the project

People who attended the GA:  Oliver Burger (obgr_seneca), Anne Nicolas (ennael), Michael Scherer (misc), Oliver Thauvin (nanar), Claire Revillet, Marianne Lombard (jehane), Thomas Backlund (tmb), Arnaud Patard (rtp), Nicolas Vigier (boklm), Romain D’Alverny (rda), Maarten Vanraes (al13n), Colin Guthrie (coling), Raphael (rapsys), Chris Ringeval (eatdirt), Matteo Passoti (pasmatt), Marja van Waes (marja), Sebastian (sebsebseb), Panu (xrg), Remco Rijnders (remi), Per Øyvind Karlsen, Guillaume Rousse (guillomovitch).

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6 Responses to General Assembly and first year review for Mageia.Org

  1. Piratu' says:

    Who can I contact from to propose a funding solution?

  2. Joe says:

    The pledge from Rosa seems like an interesting thing to mentioned in this review.

    The fact that Rosa has an interest in Mageia seems positive, but as it is mentioned above, more info is certainly needed by Mageia before you decide on a direction.

    …for example: I hope the interest isn’t in putting all that smoldering pile of “stuff” that went into Mandriva 2011 that I often wanted to rip-out at times (you want your desktop to behave one way, but the Rosa stuff forced it to act a different way, and was also difficult to remove too if you didn’t like the changes).

    More info is certainly welcome, and hopefully it goes in a positive direction if it’s decided by Mageia and Rosa to go with it.

  3. loqo says:

    With all due respect, the funding of Mageia should ALWAYS be voluntary/philanthropic… I hope “Rosa” or similar wish to be kind benefactors and not attach strings (i.e: provide funding in return for the inclusion of their software or services).

    Otherwise, these reports made interesting reading. Thank you for keeping us informed of these important matters!