Mageia 2 beta 2: near the goal!

Only one and a half months till the final release of Mageia 2. A week ago we entered the version freeze and everybody is focused on fixing bugs.

All Mageia contributors have been working very hard and we are all anxious now to finalize this second version. We need your tests more than ever. Download it and enjoy!

More information on this release:

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34 Responses to Mageia 2 beta 2: near the goal!

  1. eemm says:

    No live CD ? …
    Add a major feature in a RC is not a good way..

    • obgr_seneca says:

      Of course, it would have been better to add them earlier. But actally, when the system itself is stable, the live cds are not that big a problem.
      So tests using the installer dvds are welcome in the meantime.

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  3. Tom Reeves (tammerlane) says:

    Congrats. I have been following your progress. As yet there is no easy way to install via flashdrive (for Windows users). And the responses in your forum make it clear this is due to a lack of interest. Until your distro is made easier for Windows users to install Mageia via flashdrive you will never be popular with anyone other than your core of Linux elitests. A working GUI to install alongside Windows would go a long way increasing your distros usefulness. Good luck.

    • Gadzinisko says:

      There are at least 2 Windows utilities that can make Mageia disks bootable.

    • A Caring Supporter says:

      If you actually did care and wanted to install and boot this awesome. Linux operating system then you would know that there are 3 to 4 different ways to make a bootable USB installer. And never be popular with anyone? I wonder what kind of crack you are smoking? If you head on over to distro watch then you can clearly see Mageia has only been gaining popularity since its release.

      • Tom Reeves (tammerlane) says:

        I appreciate you candor “And never be popular with anyone? I wonder what kind of crack you are smoking?.” I’m certain that Mageia is a fine distro, otherwise I would not have joined the forum, tried to install it several times and left a message here. While the forum is a much better venue for this discussion, I was not able to get an answer there. You say “there are 3 to 4 different ways to make a bootable USB installer.” I mentioned the only two ways I know of – both of them Windows methods. My esp is not functioning well enough to determine the other 1 or 2 methods you mentioned. And internet searches haven’t been fruitful. tammerlane.

        • Claire Robinson says:

          Hi Tom

          If you’re using Windows and just wanting to try out Mageia 2 Beta 2 but don’t have access to a DVD to burn it onto then I would recommend using VirtualBox in Windows and installing Mageia as a virtual machine.

          VirtualBox is free to download from

          You can then tell VirtualBox to mount the ISO file as if it were a CDROM or DVD and it will boot directly from that without having to burn a DVD or transfer to a USB stick.

          A virtual machine is never as good as a real one of course but it will allow you to have a look at the beta without any risk to your Windows OS or bothering with a USB stick.

          Thanks for your help with testing 🙂


        • KTP says:


          Check out it’s a nice util to make bootable USB sticks in Windows. If you do it from within linux, I personally use Unetbootin.

          Good luck,

          • Tom Reeves (tammerlane) says:

            This is frustrating. I have asked for info about installing Mageia from a thumbdrive.
            KTP – I state clearly that unetbootin and Universal USB Installer from Pendrive do NOT work with Mageia. Claire Robinson thank you for your very polite response, but I am not smart enough to figure out VirtualBox. A Caring Supporter – perhaps you could stop insulting me long enough to NAME the “3to 4 different ways to make a bootable USB installer.” The reality is there are millions of Windows users for every Linux user. Linux rules in every category except the desktop. Even Linus Torvalds says that Linux will not capture the desktop unless it captures the hearts and minds of Windows users. I understand your pride in a fine distro. I would like to be a proud user of Mageia. Fanboy attitudes are elitist and drive away potential users – and dummys like me.

            • obgr_seneca says:

              Actually, this comment function in the blog is not meant as an alternative for forums.
              Discussions like this one here are best led in the forums, though.

              • Tom Reeves (tammerlane) says:

                As I pointed out earlier. I tried this in the forum. All the fanboys in the forum are quick to say what a great distro Mageia is, but like here they actually withhold any pertinent info. “A Caring Supporter” indeed. With care and support like this it’s a wonder you people have a distro. One simple question . Much discussion. It is carefully pointed out that there is an answer – but not for a Windows user. “How do I put Mageia on a thumbdrive, in Windows, so I can install Mageia to a hard drive alongside Windows.”

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  8. Nishant says:

    You should have wait for beta2 if Live CD is not ready. Its not good to download and install DVD for beta version. Please make sure next time…

    • obgr_seneca says:

      What is the difference between downloading and installing the live cd and downloading and installing the installer (except perhaps the size)? The testing procedures should be quite similar.

      • Nishant says:

        I think Live cd’s are also to Try without install… Isn’t it?

        • obgr_seneca says:

          In final release, yes.
          In the beta phase there’s just too much you can’t test without an installation. And since alpha and beta phase are not for the user to see, if he likes the system but for the distribution to get test results…

  9. Robert Evans says:

    This is only beta, folks a live cd will be available at release. Also the “GUI” IS fully operational, has been since RC1.

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  12. Jose Manuel says:

    I want to install this new release of Mageia, I read you’ll able to change between classical menu and kickoff menu, is it right?I had problems with the previous version of Mageia 1 (Ati card graphics) and couldn’t install it. I hope to install this new release without any problems. Regards.

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  14. loqo says:

    Really exciting news. I can’t wait to try out the new version!

  15. dro says:

    very nice release.. couldnt get beta 1 to install.. it took way too long to install then it crashed.. now with beta 2.. it installs nice and looks great.. everything is great until u add repos.. then go to update it ..then after it updates rpmdrake .. you get a fatal error occured: couldn’t open RPM DB () at /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.14.2/Rpmdrake/ line 74..

  16. ZekeMX says:

    Will Mageia 2 be able to have a working network manager applet?.

    I have moved many friends to Mandriva on the past and now mageia, but many of them have problems while connecting to WiFi networks, some of them continued with Mandriva and stop having problems when Mandriva adopted Network manager, I have tried network manager applet with Mageia but it seems not to be a complete. Most of those friends have laptops with Broadcom WiFi Cards and some of them even moved to Ubuntu and stop having problems, it seems that Network Manager connects faster and is used by most linux distros, I personally have problems with 10% of the hotspots that I try to connect with my lenovo laptop with Intel Wifi Card.


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