Weekly roundup – 2017, week 9

Given how well-received last week’s roundup was, we are continuing to deliver news about what is happening in Mageia.


Tests by the QA team showed that the infamous partitioning bug (mga#20074) we have been fighting with for several months has been properly fixed! Hooray for Martin Whitaker’s work to fix this bug and several related issues! 🎉

There was unfortunately a small regression in that set of ISO images, so we made another set a couple days ago (both for the live and classical installer images). Incidentally,this allowed us to include recent package updates in Cauldron. Things are starting to look great!

In other news, we are starting to see progress on mga#17592, a one-year-old blocker bug about the Mageia system tray tools being unusable under the Plasma desktop. It’s an upstream design choice (or regression, depending on the point of view) which affects all GTK+ 3 applications using the XEmbed system trayinterface. Since we were not seeing any progress on it upstream, we bit the bullet and started porting our applets (mgaapplet and net_applet) to the StatusNotifierItem (SNI) specification. As we write these lines, Frédéric Buclin (LpSolit) is making excellent progress on mgaapplet!

In addition to the work mentioned above, Cauldron has also seen some important updates this week, such as LibreOffice 5.3, PulseAudio 10, OBS Studio 18 (new in Mageia 6, but a slightly older version of it is available as a backport to Mageia 5). Upgrades for FFmpeg (and all dependent packages) as well as the Plasma stack have also been prepared – but they will only be pushed once sta2 has been released, to avoid introducing transient issues during ISO testing.

Mageia 5

We validated the critical kernel update we mentioned last week in the early morning on Saturday (UTC time). We also released security updates to mailman, libevent, firebird, util-linux, webkit2 and a few others. If you are curious about updates, you can always check advisories.mageia.org to see what updates have been validated and read the corresponding advisories for details.

A VirtualBox update is being validated and should be released in the coming hours. Otherwise, the QA backlog is impressively low, especially since they are spending a lot of time testing Mageia 6 ISOs! Thanks to all of them for their hard work!


While some of us are preparing for a Linux event in Chemnitz, the various teams are organizing our yearly team leaders’ elections. The QA team has already agreed on a new trio at its head – other teams are either in the process of gathering candidates, or lagging behind a bit (like the packaging team, but to their defense (and mine, as packaging team co-leader!), they are pretty busy working on Cauldron and blocker bugs 😉!).

Stay tuned for more news in upcoming blog posts and our next weekly roundup!

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15 Responses to Weekly roundup – 2017, week 9

  1. Kevin says:

    Great news. I am encouraged and appreciative of these short reports. I like Mageia, always have, always come back, I trust it. Thanks for all your work people, and thanks for these reports

  2. Davide says:

    I always criticized mageia for the lack of communication with the community but now, with the “weekly roundup”, things have definitely improved! I hope that it can continues as far as you can!

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  5. M.Z. says:

    Seeing how small the QA backlog/bug issues are on Mageia 5 despite the ongoing development of version 6 is fairly impressive & reassures me that my good experiences are shared by many other Mageia users. Thanks to everyone who puts together such a great distro.

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  7. Jojo says:

    Thank you for the update. Can’t wait for the release! I’ve bought a new laptop and am waiting fo M6 to start using it! 🙂

  8. Joselp says:

    Thanks for the news, I’m impatient for Mageia 6 because it will bring many important improvements. The weekly news round is a great way to keep us informed!!!! I missed something like that on the blog!!!

  9. arfab says:

    Thanks for the updates. I’m new to Mageia and really enjoying learning a different way to do things.

  10. Jon LeBlanc says:

    Once again, thanks for this update blog. I used to regularly go to the following Mageia 6 Development page on the Mageia Wiki but was getting very frustrated about the lack of info:


    Would it be possible to tie that outdated Wiki page to the update blog somehow? I think it would benefit people who don’t come here to the blog first.

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