Thank you!

We don’t know from where to begin this, so let’s just start it the most obvious way.

Guys, thank you.

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm, your calls for joining, for helping this project, for providing insights about hardware infrastructure, build system, community management, artwork, so many things!

It’s been different for each of us, but the idea of making something different has been brewing for months now. Things really came together a few days ago as discussions were becoming more concrete, and now here we are.

We knew that it was an important move; that we would probably miss a few steps and that we should proceed with care. Your reception of the news just exceeded our wildest dreams.

Seeing so many people from the cooker and user communities, as well as people who left in the previous years, converging all together is confirming our resolution that making the distribution fully community-based was, is, the right move.

It’s not about just a small group of people, it’s about what we all can do with a technology we design, build and use every day through an organisation that ensures collaboration, innovation, production and benefits to everyone.

Again, this won’t be easy, instant or straightforward. We’re laying down the first organisational steps so all of us can start working on this new project.

So, let’s start together!

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27 Responses to Thank you!

  1. davlucas says:

    I think that’s more us to thank you. Why? Because for the quality of the distro. Yes, as soon as there is a mageia ( geai sou kyrio xrg) iso, I’ll replace one of my 2 fedoras by mageia, be sure

  2. Skiper says:

    It is more of a thank you to you! First for having worked so hard (with blino, dams and all the too many people to mention) and now handling and building the bases of what we hope will become one of the major linux operating system. 🙂

    Like many other people, I am ready to invest all my energy in this project and make use of my competences in it.

    Long live Mageia!

  3. Thanks to everyone who is currently involved in this project and a “thanks in advance” to all those who will come in the future!

  4. André Machado says:

    Mageia is going to happen! Although today there are several distros that are just remasters from others, only with a different wallpaper, Mageia has a group of qualified professionals, which makes it a strong candidate to be one of the best distros in the world community.

    Good luck to all!

  5. goom says:

    I’d better thank you for Mageia. So now let’s go into the wild !

  6. Isadora says:

    Congratulations with this next important step forward.
    Wish you all wisdom and positive vibes for making what is hopefully to become the shiniest diamond of all ditributions.
    I have trust in you all!!!

  7. fox144 says:

    I’m sure Mageia will be the best Linux Distribution

  8. yunanideniz says:

    grethings for project…. good luck … i hope to see the ISO soon….

  9. gejo says:

    Thanks to all the people who made this possible.

  10. net says:

    Genial, con el proyecto, recuerdo hace años cuando di mis primeros pasos en mandrake y lugo con mandriva fueron cambiando las cosas, espero que Mageia recupere ese espiritu que seguramente sera bienvenido por todos los usuarios del mundo. Un abrazo desde argentina.


    Net 🙂

  11. George Mitchell says:

    I am so happy to see things coming together for Mageia. I can’t help but believe there is a great future ahead for this new distro. But, of course, it will also entail a lot of work so we will all need to be patient as many people work together toward this dream. As a long time Mandriva user I appreciate all of your hard work in the past (even if I was a little nasty with some of you on my Mandriva bug reports), and I even more appreciate your boldness to step out with this new venture. Mandriva is a great distro and Mageia will be even better. Time after time I have sampled other distros over the last 10 years and nothing has satisfied me like Mandriva. Thank you so much for making sure that what we have all invested so much in survives. I wish you much success!

  12. ladsy says:

    Will you do alliance of the mageia team with Ulteo and Gael Duval ?

    Pourquoi ne vous rapprocheriez-vous pas d’Ulteo en faisant revenir Gael Duval ? Sa distribution est très spécifiques, mais il aura toujours besoin d’une distribution complémentaire sur les postes de travails …

  13. wobo says:

    Well, I’ll join in to the people who want to thank you and the other people, some keeping in the background but they have done so much during planning and reaching this moment of outburst.
    Thx Anne for asking me to join in the early stage.

    Now let’s hope that after the initial applause enough people will stay to do the daily work.

  14. Congratulations for this initiative!!!!

    I think if you are undertaking a new and exciting distro, I think you can create a great difference, and the “mageia” (magic) of this distro will be fascinating, new and miraculous. I’m thinking in the gap that Linux distributions in the desktop environments. In this scenario, MacOS is the winner, and Windows 7 is the second option. Why don’t Megaia take this opportunity in order to reduce distances, and create a really nice, usable and easy distribution, with very few clicks, intuitive and friendly?

    This is an idea. If you want to madurate it, I’m pleased to collaborate in this scenario.


    Rafael Hernampérez

  15. logos says:

    really looking forward, and good luck to you all 😉

    ps: je salue vraiment cette décision courageuse

  16. andré says:

    Like many others, I would like to thank you for your initiative. As a long-time Mandriva user, I see that all those that I remember (very positively) from Mandriva all already on board with Mageia. Hopefully we can collectively make Mageia an even more user-friendly Linux than Mandriva.
    Merci encore.

  17. killer1987 says:

    Freedom, Liberté, Freiheit, Libertà, свобода, libertad!!!!!!!!!! Bye bye Mandriva, now it’s time to show you how much can do a community : )


  18. barsalatino says:

    No hay de que dar las gracias.
    Fué un proceso casi lógico, dadas las circunstancias, y la comunidad respondió como era natural.
    Con toda la alegría y energía necesaría para llevar a cabo la titánica tarea de lanzar la nueva distro.

  19. fri says:


    I was looking at current logo proposals in gallery and I would like to say that mostly I was impressed with the artwork of rarroyo23 with comment: “Reminds me of 80s-era computer brands” and with the artwork of msdobrescu with comment: “Do you know that a logo like that it’s kind of childish, isn’t it?”

    – It’s because of fresh and clear colours – it is quite new style than other much more “witchcraft reminding” styles. Maybe it should make some experimentations with used font. One branch of clear logos just with lettres without other elements.

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  21. Bernardino says:

    Animo, que aunque seamos pocos, somos buenos, Super-buenos…buenisimos. y con el tiempo ya seremos más. Esto acaba de empezar…¡¡¡ANIMO!!!

  22. smog says:

    1) couldn’t you guys just adopt debian packages and avoid the trouble of packaging the software yourselvs.
    2) drop rpmdrake and use smart
    4) drop perl from the package management, and start fresh using pyside python instead.
    5) be web oriented, like the suse web-yast

    And thanks for making the linux on the desktop the best OS experience this past 12 years. I’ve tried other OSses just to make sure I was not wrong choosing mdv and indeed you’re the best.

  23. yoyoyosucka says:

    With names like Mageia and Cauldron, it sounds like a brat kid distro. Maybe you could have Harry Potter as the head chef in your “kitchen”.

    • ahmad78 says:

      Well, Harry is probably busy doing other stuff (being a father and all). Besides I doubt he knows a zip about Linux, so not the kind of chef you’d want in a linux distro :D.

      Also note that electronic machines go haywire around J.K. Rowling’s magic, (however that effect is non-existent with the Mageia ;)).

  24. Whyohwhy says:

    Mandrake was the os that got me away MS “h” “e” “double hocky sticks” I’ve been a faithful since. I think my loyalties will go towards the mageia direction on virtue of the spirit it is to exist. yoyoyosucka’s comment is about as mature as a Brat Kids. Just thought I’d mention that.

    All the best to the future of this project.

  25. lukove says:

    well, i test a TinyMe (unity) and i Smart package manager is something great., its simply to use and its python based. very nic i must say. in the other way using RPM5+SMART will be good choose.. what i love on mandriva is DVD version of mandriva.. good for “download once use more times”

  26. geirknappen says:

    from :

    Mageia distribution will be what the board makes it to be, with the help and contribution of the whole community. We already have ideas and plans for this distribution; we want to:

    You certainly have your ideas too. We will take the time to share these.

    Where to share ideas? Anyway…
    My ideas:
    ‘support for ix86 and ix86-64 computer architecture
    ‘aim to be more solid than centos
    ‘aim to be more user-friendly than ubuntu
    ‘more effective than the linux used on the supercomputers
    ‘ Only one release, and support for all eternity

    =the best linux distro?