Magic mirror, tell me Alpha2 will be another success!

The first Alpha of Mageia has been a great success and all teams are working hard now on the next development release planned for the 15th of March.

While development releases are important for getting as much feedback as possible, we have encountered some difficulties regarding bandwidth. We have already mirrors hosting Mageia and we would like to thank them a lot for that! But still we need some more to be able to give better access to future ISOs and RPM packages.

So if you are interested in this, just check the following URLs out:

If you think you are able to provide Tiers1 mirror (mainly bandwidth criteria), please contact us on mageia-contact at

Thanks in advance for all contributions and enjoy Mageia!

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10 Responses to Magic mirror, tell me Alpha2 will be another success!

  1. Frank says:

    Alpha 1 looks great already. Thanks a lot for the time and work invested so far.

    Maybe you could look into offering a torrent link for future iso files? Like OpenSuse does with their isos as well. Might save you bandwidth and might be faster to download than from an overburdened server.

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  4. José Ignacio says:

    Hi, I use these mirrors to download
    distribution I use with Windows on my pc.
    I have not had problems with these mirrors so far. You can find
    various distributions like Debian, Fedora, Opensuse,
    Ubuntu, Arch, Slackware and even Mandriva.

    My congratulations on the project and progress,
    Mandriva was the first distribution that I knew but
    I am very happy and interested with the project

    Viva Mageia!!!


    Links mirrors and project:

    • José Ignacio says:

      The idea is that any member of mageia see information on the mirrors of The Linux Kernel Archives, and I see various distributions housed there with their alpha software, beta, release, etc … Perhaps it can be used to mageia.


  5. MichaelSOG says:

    I think that you should add torrent too

  6. Richie says:

    I would happily seed a torrent for this…

    I’d be happy to feel I am contributing in some small way!

  7. rpmdrake says:

    Updating the apha 1 with the rpmdrake will give me the alpha 2, just like that?