First Mageia test day coming

Mageia Alpha 1 is now available for tests on public mirrors. In order to get as much feedback as possible, the first Mageia test day will be organized on 26th of February. This will be a kind of a test run as we plan to have test days for all development releases.

What do we expect from it?

Mainly feedback about install steps as having a full install media is the only way to test that easily. This is also a good chance to point out any RPM package that should be available by default on the ISOs. And finally it will allow us to check hardware detection during Mageia installation. This is a good time to test how well your hardware is supported in Mageia.

Do I need to be an expert to participate?

Not at all. We’ll provide a test procedure along with a list of all the debugging info needed to fix the issue, and how you can report bugs to the Mageia dev team. Join the party!

I cannot deal with Bugzilla, how can I still help you?

As said above, you will find a Bugzilla HOWTO and configuration for it has been done so that beginners can easily use it. Still if you cannot use it, use the Mageia mailing-lists (mageia-dev or mageia-discuss) or IRC (#mageia-dev on Freenode server) to make your report. Any feedback is always welcome.

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3 Responses to First Mageia test day coming

  1. Dave Postles says:

    I’m using Mageia on an old E-Systems 4113 with the LXDE desktop. I’ve installed LibreOffice from the LibreOffice download site (rpms) and placed it in the menu using the desktop-integration for Mandriva. I’ve introduced by own wallpaper.

    Screenshot (66%) at:

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  3. MichaelSOG says:

    Nice, so tomorrow, I log all I can in mageia.