Follow Mageia calendar and stay tuned!

Mageia now provides a calendar so that you can follow everything happening in the project. For now, we’ll use Google Calendar as it was fast to set up but later we will switch to a self-hosted calendar.

Mageia calendars are split into 4 categories:

  • Mageia meetings and organisation: all regular team meetings including Council ones
  • Mageia events: these are international events where Mageia will take part (booth and/or conference)
  • Mageia development planning: you will find here all important dates about development of coming Mageia releases (ISOs, version freezes, test days…)
  • Mageia packaging mentoring and training: register here if you are a Mageia official packager and you want to spend  some time helping beginners on  IRC

All these calendars are public and available to everyone. Only Mageia Board and Council members and team leaders can edit the calendars, except for the mentoring and training category where all official packagers can add/remove the relevant dates.

For any comments, additions, changes to this calendar, feel free to contact us through:

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3 Responses to Follow Mageia calendar and stay tuned!

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  2. tonyb says:

    Is there a way at present to get automatic updates to alpha1 from cooker as packages are built? If so, what is the syntax for this?

  3. ennael says:

    Just run:
    urpmi –auto-update

    mdkonline is not yet available so you will not have graphical notifications for now