It’s our birthday!

Today, the Mageia project turns 1 – a proud, promising and exciting toddler!

We’re here because of you – and all of us continue to join in the fun of making Mageia a reality.

Let’s have a quick look back:

  • September 18th 2010 was the day it all began
  • and there was an amazing reception!
  • from September to November, we started setting up the infrastructure, gathering people, discussing important bits (basic governance, policies, where to start).
  • in January 2011, our factory was ready and we started importing, building packages into it and released our first alpha.
  • for the following 6 months, we all worked our asses off to release test images, fix bugs, square the design and have something we could release.
  • in June, Mageia 1 was there and largely welcome by the community as a stable, nice, working distribution.
  • during the Summer, we took the time to step back a bit, to discuss things to work on for the next release (links to specs, points) and the project’s life, for teams to organize themselves better after the first round –
  • and today, we’re starting our second year, right on track!

Some of the highlights as we worked our way to here:

So let’s celebrate this!  on September 18th and 19th (Sunday and Monday):

  • check this tag out: #mageiabirthday1
  • come by #mageia on Freenode IRC and say hi! we’ll be there from12:00 UTC on Sunday 18th through 12:00 UTC on Monday 19th.
  • post something anywhere with the #mageiabirthday1 tag (twitter, facebook, flickr, youtube…) and send us the links!
  • party! and post your pictures and send us links;
  • tell us what this means to you!
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15 Responses to It’s our birthday!

  1. isadora says:


    Mageia started a new adventure, and did so with great enthusiasm.
    The first release was received very well.
    A good base is being established for a bright future.
    Let’s raise the glasses, hurray!!!!!

    • Desmond says:

      Congratulations Mageia.

      With Mageia we have good future and I am saddened to see what the others are doing with the DE

      The Gnome2.x is, to be honest a superb DE and thankfully Mageia remains there.

      Choices are good but for the present it is imperative that we do have Gnome 2.x as a choice.

      And a special thanks to our dedicated engineers.

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  3. Basilio Rosa says:

    Congratulations baby MAGEIA.
    You is nice and strong. You make us happy!

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  5. mastershot says:

    Happy Birthday Dear Mageia;
    I hope you be able to change the world of the linux operating systems to the place that it really deserves.
    I hope you be as good as our hope and to satisfy all of your users 😡

  6. mechatotoro says:

    Congratulations, Mageia!!!!!!!!!

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  8. Keith says:

    Hm, if he’s a year old, is it right to still call him “new”? Also, congrats about the distro. People left and right are predicting Mageia will totally replace Mandriva (even on the Mandriva blog and forums).

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  10. Mark A. says:

    Happy Birthday Mageia!!!!!

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  12. ZekeMX says:


  13. kay says:

    Parabéns Mageia, muitos brasileiros estão felizes e muito satisfeito com sistema operacional Mageia. 🙂

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