Wow! Where did the time go? We’re 2!

Back in September 2010, when Mageia was born, we had big dreams for our baby distro.  It’s great to be able to say: our dreams are coming true!

What’s happened since our first birthday?

What’s happening next?

  • Mageia 3 will be released before our next birthday! Look here to see the timeline.
  • We’re re-doing our website and wiki to make them easier to navigate – your feedback is crucial, so please do look and comment!
  • All sorts of interesting things are happening with development and packaging – check in on IRC (#mageia-dev on Freenode) and on the mailing list, and join in the fun!
  • Atelier is looking for more people, come over to IRC (#mageia-atelier on Freenode) and join the list.
  • QA also needs more people! They’re on IRC  at #mageia-qa on Freenode, and the mailing list is here.

What are we doing to celebrate?

  • Check out this hashtag: #mageiabirthday2
  • Come by #mageia on Freenode IRC and say hi! We’ll be there from 12:00 UTC on Tuesday 18th through to 12:00 UTC on Wednesday 19th.
  • Post something anywhere with the #mageiabirthday2 tag (twitter,, G+, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube…) and send us the links!
  • Party! Post your pictures and send us some links;
  • Tell us what this means to you!

Thank you everybody!

Mageia is growing up to be a great distro: a big thank you to everyone in our community!

Let’s take a moment to appreciate everyone who makes Mageia: developers, translators, documenters, sysadmins, packagers, testers, bug squad members, forums contributors, the atelier people who do all the pretties and very importantly, Mageia users from all over the world.

Thanks also go to all of you, whose interest in the project has helped to push us up the Distrowatch charts; your support is the reason Mageia people are still having a great time making it, just as well as we possibly can.

Onwards to Mageia 3 and our third birthday!

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15 Responses to Wow! Where did the time go? We’re 2!

  1. Happy birthday baby Mageia! It’s from Indonesian Mageia Community on Facebook.

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  6. Ezim says:

    Many loves to my favorite distro and happy birthday Mageia!

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  11. b says:

    mageias da best happy birthday appreciate everything..

  12. Aloysius Andra says:

    Congratulations! I hope Mageia someday always grow (and you all must hold title “top distro” in Distrowatch, be number one), make more skilled team (all developers), better Mageia CC, better urpmi, better support, better documentation, and always doing more magic next time…

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