Mageia’s 2013 General Assembly and the new Mageia board

As usual, Mageia.Org’s general assembly was held during FOSDEM in Brussels.

During the general assembly Anne Nicolas (ennael) presented the associaton’s moral report to the assembly. During and after the presentation participants raised their questions about it, answered by ennael and others.

The report and the meeting logs, written by Oliver Burger (obgr_seneca) can be found here.
Since the treassurer of the association, Romain d’Alverny (rda) was not able to come to FOSDEM, and to give as many people as possible a chance to participate, it was decided to organize the vote on both reports – financial and moral – remotely.

After FOSDEM, all Mageia teams held elections for their respective team leaders and deputy team leaders. You can see the results of the team elections here.

At the same time, the association held the board elections. You can see how the Mageia Board works here.
Romain d’Alverny left the board and his position as treasurer, since he doesn’t have enough time for it any more.
We thank Romain for all the work he did for the project in the years until now, and hope to still see him around, as he left the board, but not the project as a whole.

According to the Association’s statutes, we had to re-elect one third of the board, which consisted of six people last year.
It was decided to extend the board to seven members, requiring three new people. We had three candidates for the three open positions: Nicolas Vigier, who had previously stepped down from the board temporarily, but was able to be a candidate again, Claire Robinson and Patricia Fraser.
All three were elected.

As its first official action, the new board had to elect someone among its members to replace Romain as treasurer. Nicolas Vigier was elected as treasurer and Patricia Fraser as assistant treasurer. Since the chairwoman and the secretary – Anne Nicolas and Oliver Burger – were elected last year, they still have two years to go, before those positions have to be voted upon again.
We welcome the new board members and congratulate them upon their election.

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  5. skyhack says:

    New around here, but I used McMillan’s Linux distro starting with Red Hat 5, then 6, when Linux-Mandrake (7) came out, I bought that. Stayed with it thru PowerPack 10, Would you believe I still have the discs?

    Then I got away from Linux for a bit. I came back, and Mandriva as I knew it is no more.

    This looks better, though! All the tools I’m familiar with, drakecoonf (I remember using linuxconf setting up my network and sound cards!), drakboot, diskdrake, are here, and the desktop rocks.

    Nice work!