Mageia 3 beta 4 is waiting for your tests

Mageia-Default-800x480After all the delays in our Mageia 3 planning,  we’re very pleased to be able to announce the beta 4 release.

Packagers and the QA team have worked hard to fix as many bugs as possible. We are now one month from Mageia 3 final release, so your tests – and reports! – are more important than ever.

This beta release comes with nearly all the designs for Mageia 3 integrated – many thanks to Leo who made the background image for Mageia 2 and then worked again on the Mageia 3 design. Our thanks to him for his patience and for his contribution!

For more information about this release:

Initially we’re releasing the i586 and x86_64 DVDs and dual CD using the classical installer; work is still in progress on the live ISOs. We’ll announce them as soon as they’re ready.

Enjoy – and don’t forget the feedback and reports!

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29 Responses to Mageia 3 beta 4 is waiting for your tests

  1. Lucomo says:

    The download link still points to the Beta 3 release. (Please delete this comment after correcting the link.)

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  3. Ильнур says:

    Мне нравится эта бета, посмотрим каким получится релиз

  4. Filip says:

    What about torrents?

    • Tony says:

      Torrents for a beta release are a bad idea….I think.
      They tend to hang around for a long time after the official release is out.
      Then people still download the beta and start complaining about bugs which have been fixed already.
      Extra work and bad for reputation

    • patrickdarcy says:

      they seem to mess up the torrents each time they release an alpha or beta.
      be patient, they should fix it in the next few days.

    • Carson Evans says:

      what about you just be happy with that you get?

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  6. TransformHumanity says:

    Congratulations! Looking for the Final Release!

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  8. Nikita says:

    New artwork is really nice.

  9. Carlo says:

    does live cd support uefi boot?

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  12. Torrents are coming later to mirrors,you could use ftp client to download it ???.

  13. waiting for final release , will you provide user agent of Mageia , so I can implement on my new project

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  16. Bill says:

    I tried Mageia2 (as upgrade to Mageia1). Almost bricked my computer. sytemd option as default together with other distro options makes transition impossible. No real systemV support. moving /bin in /usr/sbin is another one: how do you mount usr if mount is now in /usr/bin?
    Go ahead, and wonder why M$ still have clients.
    There is no way that I would try Mageia3. I’ll stick with traditional UNIX systems — too much hassle to fix bugs generated by premature decisions.

  17. Stinnger says:

    Any chance for Gnome 3.8 in the final release ?

  18. Would be very nice if it was possible to back the system to a date when it was working well.
    an old windows function

  19. Dan says:

    Did fresh install to single drive. Loving it! It just keeps getting better.
    Keep up the good work…

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  21. Arne Exton says:

    No real need to wait for the final release. The BETA 4 version works perfectly. I’ve just upgraded from BETA 3. Now I’m running kernel 3.8.5 and KDE 4.10.2. No issues at all. I guess it will be just as easy to upgrade to the FINAL release.

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  23. Greg McGee says:

    Just did an uneventful upgrade of an old Pentium-M laptop from Mageia 2 using the 586 DVD.
    (Itronix gobook3)

    Other than a couple bogus error msgs about “please insert media …” when rebooting, and a bogus error starting the WLAN (it was already online) on first boot, worked very nicely, machine is noticeably faster. Kudos!

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