Summer has come and passed…

…the lazy will never last.

September 19th! That’s the last day when we will accept artwork submissions!

We’re looking for a new default background that will be shipped with Mageia 5. We might also pick one or two runners up that will be bundled as alternative backgrounds. Ideas for screensavers and other artwork that you think we could use will also be appreciated.

Please make sure that you read and understand the rules.
You can submit your artwork to the Flickr page or send it by email to

If you want to win the background contest, here’s a few points to keep in mind:

  • Historically speaking, the images chosen for the default background were simple abstract artworks that used the Mageia color palette.
  • Photos of real life objects/people/plants/animals will not even be considered.
  • Your image must be an original piece, and you must be able to provide source files (xcf or svg). If you can’t comply for a technical reason, please get in touch with us on the Atelier mailing list.
  • Your image must have a sufficient resolution.
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5 Responses to Summer has come and passed…

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  5. André says:

    The default dark blue colour (hex #262f45) in the default screen background is way too dark. Worse, the dark blue used in the Mageia 4 background was even darker (hex #193255). It is like a invitation to Mageia’s funeral.

    The colour should be medium dark or lighter, such as at least hex #225577 or #225588.
    For those interest in looking at this, the background colour can be easily modified with gimp, and gpick can show you the colour of any pixel on the screen. (Both are in the repos.) I’ll send samples of the modified Mageia 4 to the atelier list.