Halloween the curse or buggy software?

As explained in a previous post, lots of updates occured especially dealing with rpm. And here we go. We are facing at the moment some nasty issues in installer. The graphical part of the installer is just crashing due to a bug implying glibc and rpm. Both were recently updated.

Work is in progress and the issue was reported upstream. You can follow it here on the bug report. As soon as this bug is fixed, we will be able to release the Mageia 5 beta 1 isos. Stay tuned!

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10 Responses to Halloween the curse or buggy software?

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  2. We are willing to wait, if only for the case.

  3. JoesCat says:

    Lots of difficulty working with the screen with the current alpha. Need multiple clicks to do anything, therefore was getting nowwhere fast. Glad to know you found these bugs, and will be looking forwards to trying your first Beta.

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  5. Already a long delay. When about to wait?

  6. Gafoor Tharayil says:

    The problamatic RPMs may be excluded in the present beta.
    May be included in the next beta.

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