Bad luck or Valentine gift: Mageia 5 beta 3 is out!

uselessThe release date was a close call between Friday, the 13th and Valentine’s day… but finally, Mageia 5 beta 3 is available for tests. You will find more information about it on the Release Notes page.

The road was long and strewn with pitfalls, but the Mageia community is just great and the ISOs are finally available.

After a looooong meeting dedicated to the review of all release critical bugs, a lot of fixes were released that allowed us to finalize beta 3.

EFI is now supported properly on all 64-bits ISOs, but we still need your feedbacks on this.

This is now the home stretch. We do need your help more than ever. Please report any problems that you experience in the forums, mailing lists or, preferably, in Bugzilla. Also, don’t forget to check the Errata.

(Image source: xkcd)

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14 Responses to Bad luck or Valentine gift: Mageia 5 beta 3 is out!

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  3. Now it’s done moved main install to this beta 3 seems to be quit stable no any big bugs thx to all for good release.

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  8. Alberto Girlando says:

    I have already posted this comment on bugzilla… gnome desktop is not starting on 64 bits (tested on two computers, intel graphics and ati radeon), bug present from beta 1 is still there… Workarond exist, of course, but I have to use it every time I try to logout…

  9. talkeetnik says:

    The gnome bug bit me as well.
    Dell Latitude D830
    Glad to know it wasn’t just me.
    I tried the M5 b3 64b lfull version and it works and looks great so far.
    Some trouble with updating from M4
    i.e old libdvdread library conflicted with k9copy3 but a cl -Uvh *rpm settled that.

    Having been a Mandrake/Mandriva user years ago and a deb/Ubuntu user the last few,
    I still find the rpm-update installer somewhat confusing. with lots of messages like
    “cannot install these updates” with a long list of what I cannot update .
    Probaly due to my upgrade from 4? Next will be a clean install to see if that gets it together.
    Adding sources and the plethora of choices is still a bugaboo for me but probalbly is
    my senior citizen status kicking in.

    Thanks for the hard work and be patient with this old “newbie”

    BTW Awesome work on K9 whoever picked that one up !!!
    Ubuntu users are still crying out over that one;
    some with alien success but it prompted me to revisit the big “M”

    Alaska USA

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  11. Bob says:

    Looks n feels awsome!!! great work from an old prof OF HCMI

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