Mageia 6 Artwork Contest Extension

We have decided to extend the contest by a week as there are still lots of contributions coming in and with the work coming from people’s donated time, we wanted to give a larger chance to others that might have been busy with other things.

The contest will now close on the 30th of May; as before, all work should be submitted to the Artwork Drop.

For more information about the contest, please have a look at the initial announcement blog post.

We look forward to seeing what you come up with for Mageia 6!

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12 Responses to Mageia 6 Artwork Contest Extension

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  7. thank you for page
    good luck

  8. fahadraja11 says:

    Is the contest closed?? i want to participate from my university

    • schultz says:

      Hi fahadraja11,

      Sadly the contest has closed and we have already had a few rounds of voting on the images.

      I hope that you will participate in the contest for the next release or help to review the artwork when it is integrated.

  9. haluk says:

    any info about release date of Mageia 6 rc or Mageia 6 final release?

    • schultz says:

      Sta1 is going through QA testing now, it should be released soon. Once there is feedback on its bugs and stability we will know more about the expected dates for release.