Weekly roundup – 2017, week 11

It has been another busy week with lots of changes, upgrades, tests and news.


All of the Mageia-developed tools have been updated to include the latest translations, as well as updates to the DrakX installer that will hopefully fix some of the remaining bugs, more on that later. libinput was updated to 1.7 RC2, so if there are any regressions with input devices following this, please submit bugs to the bugzilla, so that we can help upstream fix them in time for Mageia 6. The kernel was updated to 4.9.15 final yesterday, with the required rebuilds following, so that update should be available soon, if not already. KDE applications 16.12.3 and MATE 1.18 also landed. The FFmpeg update and required rebuilds were finalised, so hopefully, all the issues have been straightened out there, v4l-utils 1.12.3 also landed. Builds for an update VLC 3.0-git snapshot are also ongoing. There were also updates to Calibre 2.81 and LibreOffice 5.3.1.rc2. As this was written, there was extensive activity on the build system, so plenty of updates should be coming.

Sta2 testing feedback roundup:

While the majority of the feedback has been positive, to the extent that we are moving forwards towards a release candidate build, there are still ongoing issues with NVIDIA proprietary drivers, specifically the 340 driver for slightly older cards. Testing for fixes is ongoing, a new round of internal ISOs was generated to test this and to check the status on installer bugs, such as some buttons appearing off screen at the partitioning stage in some languages. The next round of ISO testing will be in preparation for the RC release.

Mageia 5

Kernel updates to 4.4.54 are in testing, so expect these soon once the updates have been validated.

Security updates to MariaDB, Pidgin, libquicktime and others are currently going through validation, as well as a few others that will be available soon.


Maintainer groups for the main programming languages are in the process of being setup, to nominally share the work load of the huge perl or python stacks on groups of packagers. Similar groups for other large stacks or components proved successful for the kernel, the Mageia tools and some desktop environments so this will allow for similar work sharing on the language stacks.

Successful event at the Chemnitz Linux Day, Mageia had a booth there showing our system with contributors on hand to answer questions, full write up coming soon, but in the meantime, some pictures are up on the German Forum.

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12 Responses to Weekly roundup – 2017, week 11

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  5. Anonymous says:

    Is there a date for the Mageia 6 release ?

    • Donald Stewart says:

      We’re getting ready to build a new round of ISO’s that will become RC, the bugs that we find in this build will have a big effect on when Mageia 6 is released, however, we don’t expect there to be many, and feel we are in a good shape for getting to a final release quickly.

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  7. pnbalaji says:

    It has been a loooong wait for Mageia 6. I hope it is going to be an excellent release.

  8. z says:

    Very disappointed not finding “kshowmail” on v.6.sta2.Please include it….
    Also, I run six other distros, why can’t the installer list them ??
    I’m willing to donate cash.

    • Rémi Verschelde says:

      kshowmail was removed from Cauldron as it’s a KDE4 only app which has apparently not been ported to Qt5/KF5. As KDE is going to drop support for KDE4 compat libraries soon, we tried to get rid of old applications that we won’t be able to support for Mageia 6’s lifetime.
      kshowmail was last updated upstream in 2011, and shows no sign of life: https://sourceforge.net/p/kshowmail/svn/HEAD/tree/

      If you find no working alternative, you could file a bug report on http://bugs.mageia.org and ask if it could be reintroduced.

      As for detecting other distros at install time, it’s supposed to be working, using os-prober. If it did not work in your case when setting up the bootloader, please make a bug report.

    • Donald Stewart says:

      To add one thing to what Remi said, during boot loader config during install, there is a checkbox for using os-prober to detect other systems, make sure it’s checked and it should work as expected. Note that this is for the classical install.

      The same applies for configuring grub from a completed install using the control centre.