Weekly roundup 2017 – week 16


Not too much to report on the RC ISO testing this week, but that’s a good thing – the classical ISOs are nearly ready and the remaining trivial issues in the Live ISOs should be fixed in the next rebuild. The Mageia 6 release is starting to look very good.

Cauldron has had lots of updates as well, here are some highlights:

  • dovecot
  • dnfdragora 1.0.1
  • koji 1.12.0
  • tomcat 8.0.43 – Fixes CVE-2017-5647 and CVE-2017-5648
  • caja 1.18.2
  • kernel 4.9.23
  • plasma 5.8.6
  • vlc 3.0.0 – git nightly 20170405, fixes persistent performance on AMD with OpenGL driver, among others

Note that the plasma update was not a new version, but a sync with the 5.8 branch.

Mageia 5

  • wireshark 2.0.12 – CVE fixes, the full list is available here
  • flash-player-plugin – numerous CVE fixes, the full list is here
  • chromium-browser 57.0.2987.133 – numerous CVE fixes, full list available here
  • gimp 2.8.14 – bug and CVE fixes (mga20663 and mga18804)

These will arrive as soon as they have been validated by the QA team. While this has been a quiet week for Mageia 5 updates, it’s a slight calm before the storm as there are a new kernel and firefox coming that will keep the QA team busy.


The infrastructure updates are nearly complete, the mailing list administration and forums are still down, while this is far from ideal, the sysadmins are working hard to bring the forums up as quickly as possible.

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