Weekly roundup 2017 – week 15


The sysadmins have done some amazing work to get the remaining servers upgraded to Mageia 5, and some of the major packages we use upgraded as well. The remaining large issue is with the encoding of the upgraded PostgreSQL database that is used by all of our services, however, this was hopefully fixed today. That allowed  Bugzilla to come back online fully upgraded, which will be a large help in tracking the bugs in the latest Mageia 6 ISOs and QA in general.

Our blog has also had some upgrades to its WordPress. We are now running the latest version, 4.7.3 with https set by default. Sadly we have had to drop some of our inactive blogs as the were not being translated. If that’s something you would be interested in helping with, the translation teams are always more than welcoming towards new people.


As always, some updates on how the ISO testing is going. The wider QA tests on the upcoming RC ISOs have found some problems, but they are trivial and the builds are looking good. Hopefully, the remaining issues can be fixed in the next round of new builds and we can release Mageia 6 RC for everyone to test. The QA team has also started to test upgrades from Mageia 5 to 6, the main focus in ensuring that the switch from KDE4 to Plasma 5 works well and that there are no other issues.

Update wise, there has been a lot of activity, both bugfixes and new versions, here are some highlights:

  • gnome 3.24.1
  • gtk+3.0 3.22.12
  • qtdeclarative5 5.6.2 added a patch to fix kwin crashes
  • dnf 2.3.0
  • packagekit 1.1.5 backported fixes for offline updates
  • mercurial and tortoisehg 4.1.2
  • amarok 2.8.90 more appstream fixes
  • godot 2.1.3 mainly bugfixes
  • mediawiki 1.27.2 lots of CVE fixes, see here for details

Mageia 5

It’s been a relatively quiet week for Mageia 5, MediaWiki was updated to 1.23.16 with lots of CVE fixes, a full announcement is available here. There was also a backport of simgear-2016.4.4, it’s currently in backports_testing if you are interested in trying it.

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8 Responses to Weekly roundup 2017 – week 15

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  2. Viviv says:

    Thanks, for the update. BTW, what happened to the forum?

    • Donald Stewart says:

      It’s still down for upgrades, should be back up soon.

      • spice1001 says:

        hi, after some days I would login to mageia forum in german. It was nicht able to run. “Website ist not available. Please send this to doctor5000, i hope, he will kontact me and give an answer to me (removed)

        • Donald Stewart says:

          Him sadly the forum is still down, however the sysadmins are working to bring it back up as their next priority. Will forward that on to doctor5000, also redacted your email in case of spam bots

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