Weekly roundup 2017 – week 18

Can I argue that this is coming from Honolulu time, so it’s still Friday 🙂 Either way, sorry for the delay.


A little news from the Council meeting this week, most of it was about the upcoming RC ISOs and getting the last blockers fixed. The two non-release topics were whether we should be removing, or at least reducing the visibility of HTTP and FTP in favour of rsync and https when Mageia connects to a mirror, either for updates or installation. As we don’t control the mirrors, we can only recommend using different protocols, but it will need further discussion before anything happens on that. The second, was elections, all the teams have elected their leadership apart from Dev and Sysadmin, emails about that will be going out on the appropriate mailing lists shortly.


As always, an update on the RC, the main focus now is on getting upgrades from Mageia 5 to work, and sorting out the packaging conflicts. The big issue here is getting the transition from KDE4 to Plasma5 working without issue. As for the ISOs, the big remaining issue is with some printers, but it, and 2 other blocking issues should be fixed in the next build which is expected very soon. We expect that the RC will be ready for wider testing in the coming days.

There has been plenty of updates recently for Cauldron, and also some changes as the MP3 patents have expired, so encumbered packages can be moved from tainted. Here are some of the updates:

  • mesa 17.0.5
  • virtualbox 5.1.22
  • ffmpeg 3.3
  • hplip 3.17.4
  • vala 0.36.3
  • obs-studio 18.0.2
  • kernel 4.9.26
  • ldetect-lst 0.3.6 – adds some missing polaris12 ID’s

The ffmpeg update has meant that most of the media stack has been rebuilt – so there should be plenty of updates coming from that.

The final touches have been made to include the Mageia 6 artwork everywhere. If you still see some bits of Mageia 5 artwork when testing the upcoming RC ISOs, please file a bug report.

Mageia 5

A good number of updates are coming for Mageia 5, both security and bugfix, here is a list:

  • minicom 2.7.1 – fixes CVE 2017-7467
  • texlive 20130530-21.1 – fixes CVE 2016-10243
  • libfm 1.2.3-4.6 – fixes extracting archives using compression other than gzip
  • python-lshell 0.9.18-2 – CVE fixes
  • libxslt 1.1.29-1.2 – fixes CVE 2017-5029
  • freetype2 2.5.4-2.3 – CVE fixes
  • 389-ds-base – fixes CVE 2017-2668
  • openjpeg 1.5.2-5.2 – multiple CVE fixes
  • squirrelmail 1.4.22-12.2 – fixes CVE 2017-7692
  • java-1.8.0-openjdk and copy-jdk-configs 2.2-1 – multiple CVE fixes
  • xstream 1.4.9-1.1 – vulnerability fix
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10 Responses to Weekly roundup 2017 – week 18

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  3. jaja says:

    Forum still down… any news when it will be back up?

    • jkowalzik says:

      Betreuer, legt mga-6 erstmal auf Eis und konzentriert euch darauf die Server und Dienste wieder online verfügbar zu machen.
      Maintainer, puts mga-6 on ice for the first time and concentrates on making servers and services available again online.
      Les gestionnaires, met mga-6 d’abord sur la glace et se concentrer pour vous assurer que les serveurs et les services disponibles à nouveau en ligne.
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      • Donald Stewart says:

        The web services upgrade is being handled by the sysadmins, and while they do of course maintain and help with many other things, their efforts to get Mageia 6 released don’t impact their work on the servers.

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  7. Michael says:

    Also mich würde es ja schon interessieren, was so schwer daran sein kann einen Webserver abzusichern mit Modsecurity und ein Forum wieder Online zu bringen?

    • Donald Stewart says:

      Michael, apologies for the english reply, you will get a better answer to that question by asking the sysadmins directly, either on IRC or through the ML. There is an update on the progress in the latest blog.