Weekly roundup 2017 – week 19


While I don’t want to spoil anything or give the surprise up, if you follow the Mageia mailing lists you will likely have seen the words “RC” and “ready” appear regularly recently. Without giving more away, we are very close now which is really great news! Updates wise, there has been a fair few this week, here is a selection of the larger ones:

  • gimp 2.8.22
  • gtk+3.0 3.22.15
  • gnome-shell 3.24.2
  • docker 17.03
  • zoneminder 1.30.3
  • kernel 4.9.27
  • dnf 2.4.0

Plus many other bugfix and small upgrades. A quick note on these changes as we are very close to release now and you may be wondering how we can be changing major things like the kernel or gtk+ this close to a release – these are all minor version releases from upstream, or maybe a small patch to fix or add something specific. Take the kernel as an example, the update from last week was from 4.9.26 to 4.9.27 so the changes introduced are very small making these much much safer.

Mageia 5

There has been a number of updates released for Mageia 5 this week, you can see the full list here, here is a selection of the more common packages:

  • audiofile 0.3.6-4.3 – multiple CVE fixes
  • ntp 4.2.6p5-24.8 – multiple CVE fixes
  • kernel 4.4.65 & related packages – multiple CVE & bugfixes
  • thunderbird 52.1 – multiple CVE fixes

Infrastructure Update

Lastly, we want to reassure everyone that we are still working to get the forum and wiki fixed and that they should both be fully operational very soon. The holdup with the forum is that the old database isn’t importing into the new forum, we obviously want to have all of the old messages available as they are a key part of the community and support available for Mageia.

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  4. stampeder says:

    Thanks for the update and the efforts!

    If restoring the Forum is not going smoothly I would suggest starting a fresh Forum & database and then perhaps leave the old Forum database available read only unless or until a workaround might be found.

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  7. Canadaist says:

    Noticed duplicate, with typo?