Weekly roundup 2017, week 23


So Cauldron is in release freeze now, and new ISOs have been built. Tests so far are looking good, there was one issue with initial application launches on the Plasma live build causing a freeze on some occasions, but it’s being worked on so there should be a fix soon.

Update wise, Cauldron has been quiet with the main activity on bug fixes, here are some of the main ones:

  • sugar desktop
  • kodi
  • qemu
  • perl

Most of the Mageia specific tools: urpmi, rpmdrake and the control centre have been updated to fix some missing translations.

That said, there were a few version updates, here are some of the main ones:

  • packagekit 1.1.6
  • kernel 4.9.31
  • ffmpeg 3.3.2
  • mesa 17.1.2

Mageia 5

There have been lots of updates for Mageia 5 this week, here is a selection of the main ones:

  • sympa 6.1.25 – bugfix updates
  • puppet 3.6.2-3.1 – CVE fix
  • nss 3.28.5 – CVE fix
  • ansible – multiple CVE fixes
  • dropbear 2014.66-1.3 CVE fixes
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9 Responses to Weekly roundup 2017, week 23

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  2. David Locklear says:

    I read this post, using Gnome Classic, and Chromium 57.029, and Gmail. on my Mageia 6 RC computer ( with no other operating system ). The computer is an old ASUS mini-ITX with Intel i5
    ( Socket 1155, I think ), and 4 GB of DDR3, chipset z77. Every single thing works great. But all 5 of my web-browsers are crashing hourly in the same exact manner. I have no idea if I am missing a dependency, or if my hardware is bad.

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  6. Jan says:

    You’re doing a great job!

    Thanks and congrats!!

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  8. Paweł says:

    /tmp/compssUsers.pl not found when performing http install.
    It is very persistent bug starting from Mandriva times.
    Simple fix is to create empty file using console on Alt-F2.
    But this time – there was no console ….
    Had to install from downloaded DVD.