Weekly roundup 2017 – week 24


A nice snippet about the state of Cauldron from the Dev mailing list today – a mail with the subject “Nobody touches anything!” noted that the last autobuild (all of the Mageia packages get rebuilt each week to check for issues) only had one failure due to the latest curl update – the previous best was 12. To gain proper perspective please note that autobuild managed to build the other 13649 packages successfully.

ISO testing for the final release of Mageia 6 is ongoing, they’re starting to look good, although there was a bug found in 32-bit Gnome Calculator and an intermittent issue with a black screen in Plasma at startup that should be fixed soon.

Updates wise, it is unsurprisingly slowing down on Cauldron, there were still a few though, so here is a list of the major ones:

  • curl 7.51.1
  • whois 5.2.16
  • plasma-pk-updates 0.3.1
  • thunderbird 52.2.0
  • kernel 4.9.32
  • postfix 3.1.6
  • firefox 52.2.0

There were also bugfixes for packagekit, atlas and git among others.

Mageia 5

Lots of updates for Mageia 5 again this week, here are some of the larger ones:

  • catdoc 0.95 – security fix
  • tor – CVE fix
  • flash-player-plugin – multiple CVE fixes
  • smb4k 1.2.3 – CVE fix
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11 Responses to Weekly roundup 2017 – week 24

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  6. Joe says:

    Well done! Thank you. Please don’t break it. I’ve been waiting for so looooong… I’ve almost got used to Win10.. as I’ve been waiting for Mga6.. It’s never going to replace my Mandrake//Mandriva/Mageia, though…

    Thank you!

  7. jmdennis1967 says:

    The one thing I would like to see is a more current version of FireFox even version 53 would be great. I like version 54 because of how it handles memory. I realize I can manually install this but then would need to manually update it as well. I will use what is given but it would be nice to have newer versions even if one behind would be nice.

    • Donald Stewart says:

      While having the latest is always nice, the support issues for something like Firefox are pretty large with the rapid release model, we keep to the ESR releases as they offer a far simpler support path. and normally the feature difference is small – as you said you can always install it manually, I know it’s not ideal, but it does seem the best compromise.

      • Let’s keep with the ESR version. Sometime soon Firefox will switch to web extensions, and deprecate loads of the existing extensions a lot of us depend on. These are the only reason to use Firefox, so the ESR release will keep the misery away for as long as possible.

  8. Steve L. says:

    Why no weekly roundup in the last 2 weeks?