Known issues with upgrades from Mageia 5 to Mageia 6

Since the release of Mageia 6 last week, there have been several reports about issues with upgrades from Mageia 5, particularly for users upgrading from KDE 4. While that is not surprising due to the complex nature of the upgrade from KDE 4 to Plasma 5, those issues had sadly not been noticed by our QA team during its extensive pre-release testing.

We want to both acknowledge that we are aware of the issues and working on needed fixes, and make sure that those wanting to upgrade from Mageia 5 are aware of the issues and read the errata beforehand. To avoid bad surprises for the least tech savvy users, we temporarily disabled the upgrade notification that prompts users to upgrade to Mageia 6 from their live session – it will be re-enabled as soon as we are confident that most users will have a smooth upgrade.

Also note that these issues are not present on new installs and the installation experience, particularly switching from KDE 4 to Plasma 5, will be easier with a fresh installation. As such all upgrade issues should be fixable via normal package updates, and no new ISOs are planned.

The section in the Mageia 6 errata relating to upgrades highlights the procedure to minimize some of the known issues. A big thing to note that has caused issues is the use of third party packages installed in Mageia 5, especially NVIDIA graphics drivers from the upstream website (as opposed to the ones packaged by Mageia).

Here is a small summary of things to look out for:

A note on upgrades in general – performing the upgrade offline with the Classical ISO works only if update repositories are enabled, as a full Mageia 5 upgrade requires more packages than are available on the ISO images. The recommended way to start an upgrade is to do it from a non-graphical terminal (e.g. tty2 accessed via Ctrl+Alt+F2) using urpmi, as outlined in the release notes.

If you have any upgrade issue, make sure to reach out with the community on the forums, mailing lists or IRC, where advanced users can help you debug and often fix an apparently broken system.

Apart from those upgrade issues affecting some Mageia 5 systems, most users seem to be pretty happy with Mageia 6 – we will continue showcasing some of the interesting developments made for this release in future blog posts. If you missed it, be sure to check out the last post outlining some of the goodies introduced thanks to the DNF support in Mageia 6.

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28 Responses to Known issues with upgrades from Mageia 5 to Mageia 6

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  2. Alberto Girlando says:

    I have upgraded on three different computers, a desktop and two notebooks (all 64), the first running gnome, one had gnome and cinnamon (but I use cinnamon) and the third only cinnamon. The second was upgraded on-line, the other two with usb sticks in classical installation. With computer 1 and 3 I essentially had no problems, immediately with a working system. With computer 2, the one with gnome and cinnamon, I experienced the problems already reported in the errata, i.e., no background (I added a note to the bug report). Installing lightdm gave me a background, but only the default (very nice, but I prefer to change backgrounds..). In additions, other problems surfaced, like the lack of battery control icon. So I disinstalled both gnome and cinnamon and cleaned the configuration files in my home directory. I also used urpme –autorphans , but that is something risky, some necessary packages were disinstalled also.. Anyway, then I reinstalled cinnamon (and the necessary missing packages), and everything is now OK. I use claws-mail in all three computers, and this gave the problems, as the upgrade is NOT compatible with the version in Mageia 5.1. I had to backup the configurations files, and start a new configuration in which I then copied the archive files (address book etc). I think it is a problem of claws, not of Mageia.
    On the whole, I am so far very happy with the new installation, from the new graphic to the new functionalities, some of which I still have to test.

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  4. John M. Gerry Loid says:

    Mageia always had a good technical team.

    What’s been lacking so far has been the very poor communication and QA. We’re starting to see some improvements on the communication side lately, thanks to those weekly blog posts. Sadly the same cannot be said on the QA front. The QA has been very poor on this new release. I hope you’ll concentrate some of your efforts on the Mageia 7 cycle to kick in a functional QA team that does the minimum amount of QA required to identify major problems such as this one. Did your QA team spend most of their time testing video games till the end or what? (Just joking on the games reference but it has to be said that QA team’s work seems to be pretty insignificant to say it nicely if they were not even able to catch such obvious bugs)

    On the whole, and if we omit the QA team which did a very poor job, I want to congratulate you on this release. This is a great milestone.

  5. zarqos says:

    You missed the issue of sound,
    I upgraded from mga5 and I faced a big problem where no login screen and all freezes.
    after many tries to resolve this problem with posting in the blog and the irc channal and google+ account and no replyes I decided to reinstall the system with mga6 gnome shell dvd 64 bit, and this time I faced a problem of sound, and I tried many times to get a help but no answer till now.
    I’m afraid about giving up and change my beloved mageia to another distribution.
    sorry for my words but I’m disappointed.

  6. transitoryhikikomori says:

    Successfully upgraded my M6500, but now I’m downloading 23GB of stuff I wanted, but apparently wasn’t on the install disk. This is low priority, but it’d be nice to have a “save my place” feature on something like this, so I could take the machine (which has no battery) to a place with faster wifi :).
    Running Enlightenment (Welcome Back!!) again is nice.

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  9. egc says:

    Well well … I tried to do an upgrade from 5 to 6, but after the upgrade it didn’t start the X server anymore, no matter what i tried to do with or without proprietary driver (Nvidia) …
    Ok, so i made a new install, formatting / and leaving /home alone. Before installation i had the UID 1001. The installation program gave me the UID 500 and changed all the files and folders in my home directory to UID 500, even though userdrake says that the UID should not be lower than 1000 …
    I don’t know if this is important but could anyone tell me how to change the UID to all my files and folders back to 1001, because just changing my own UID in userdrake won’t let me log in to my own home directory anymore? Thanks!

    • katnatek says:

      Go to text terminal Ctrl+Alt+F2.
      Login as root

      chown -R 1001 /horme/user

      You must change user by your login name

      Would be good if you can report this in bugzilla.

  10. egc says:

    Wine doesn’t work either, freetype is missing. Bugreport is in Bugzilla.

    • egc says:

      Maybe nobody needs a help on this on Mageia, but it doesn’t work at all. Freetype is missing. Don’t know what qa team is testing if it did not notice this simple thing …

      • katnatek says:

        Check if you set right the repositories or change the mirror that you are using


        • egc says:

          Thanks for reply!
          The installer installed
          on my system.
          Do i need

          Here is the error message:
          “Wine cannot find the FreeType font library. To enable Wine to
          use TrueType fonts please install a version of FreeType greater than or equal to 2.0.5.”

  11. On my very busy main development machine server x86_64, Nvidia GTS250 driver 340-102, I got
    GLX problems with Salome-meca interface. glXCreateContext failed.
    I picked up an original Nvidia-340-102 package and recompile it in place of yours… bingo, all was
    working PERFECTLY … until yesterday … you released a standard update for MESA OpenGL-‘
    4.5 … :-(((
    Restarting the machine his morning : no x11 … recompil of nvidia340-102 crashes on glx …
    It seems an Immediate DOWNGRADE of the last MESA-GL package update is necessary !
    A lot of poor guys don’t know how to repair that in text mode …
    Thanks for rapid answer.

    Serge. (senior linux devel.)

    • obspsr says:

      I proceed on the repair
      The problem was hardly resolved. After the mesa-17.1.5 update, I was unable to compile Nvidia-340.102 (original).
      I did “rpm -e” all Mesa/GL packages from your update, followed by “urpme –downgrade lib64xxxxxxxx-17.1.4” for the 12 packages concerned.

      I did “urpme x11-driver-video-nvidia340” and had to remove also /usr/share/nvidia

      I reinstalled “urpmi x11-driver-video-nvidia340” smoothly ….

      … and reboot nicely to Plasma, tried Salome-meca 2016 and Salome-8.2.2 ==> CRASH with “missing swrast module” … known recurrent problem.
      I changed the link: /usr/lib64/ –> /usr/lib64/ (iso and reboot.

      Everything works blazing speed (cuda !) NOW BUT… all these important details must be reshaped and simplified by the gurus !

      The links stays the main problem in OpenGL drivers and Nvidia upgrades.
      Other nice refs:

      We have some upgrade problems, for sure, but the rest of Mageia 6 is perfect.
      I did the move with ~3900 packages and 100 kde icons, no problem in Plasma !

      Thanks for coop, and all this work,

  12. egc says:

    On two machines (one with fresh installation an one with an upgrade from Mageia 5) on the boot screen i have only 3 question marks instead of the Mageia boot splash …
    And changing the video mode in in the second bootloader configuration screen of grub2 does not change anything (see also bug report

  13. egc says:

    VLC player does not show any DVD menu anymore (just black) …

    Boy, so many things that are broken in Mageia 6 … I also had to reinstall Windows because the boot loader of Windows was broken … Plasma 5 is quite quick but so many functions that are missing which were there in kde4 and kdm …

    • egc says:

      I recommend waiting at least half a year with upgrading to or installing Mageia 6 to see if most of the bugs are resolved … Right now Mageia 6 looks nice but it is only for nerds and not for everyday users who don’t want to struggle around days and days with problems.

  14. Standing Bear says:

    I have a showstopping issue with all plasma/KDE recent desktops. NO independently set artwork/wallpaper/whatever allowed. I am used to the old KDE because I could choose different desktop wallpaper for each desktop. I do not care to have it auto-change, because all my wallpapers are scenes of California that I know and love. I can take one look at the desktop and know which one it is by the scene…Yosemity, redwoods, joshua trees, San Francisco skyline at nite, Golden Gate Bridge, etc. and instantly get back into whatever I was working on there. All that changed with breaking KDE4 to go to …plaazzma ==ewww!
    Now there are ‘themes’, and ‘splashscreens’ and lots of junk icons a first grader would love, but NOT my independent desktops. Also, screensavers seem to be gone too, replaced by only a single crap drawing straight out of Salvatore Dali. NO! I will NOT be moving to Mga6 because I found a kinda home in Mga5. Even my retro windows stuff works in VirtualBox. And I use a NvIdia 980GTX which seems to have issues on a number of distros, but is home in MGA5. BTW. If you play around with different distros and use Debian, they have a new one, Debian 9.1! Stay away from it. I mean it! If you have an Nvidia grafix card, it is NOT for YOU!….endless reboots to nothing; and you NEVER get Nvidia’s famous graphics.

  15. Standing Bear says:

    BTW…a bit of history. I found one of my old hard drives and it had a piece of history on it….. a functioning Mandriva 10! No website for the old Mandriva’s exists. I DO have in my old CD’s however, downloaded iso’s made to install disks of the even older Mandrake versions before that mad cartoonist made like difficult for them. Copyrights/copywrongs are weird. Last time I ever read a ‘Mandrake the Magician’ comic strip was in the sunday funnies in the Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper…………..wait for it……in 1954 give or take!. At the time, Mandrake married his gal Narda and very soon had a daughter Nardraka. Looked this up on the net and find that that strip did not really go away til’ 2013. However, right after the overdone wedding and daughter ceremony complete with towing stars to spell ‘Nardraka’ in the night sky over this alien planet (Manny had gone sci fi some years before), the strip ended in the ‘Plain Dealer’. Soon after I moved to Maryland and I found it was gone from the Cumberland, Maryland newspaper as well. So on to reading the ‘Katzenjammer Kids’ who were a LOT more entertaining for my 11 year old self then.

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