Weekly roundup 2017 – week 43

Before we get into the updates and Mageia news, a quick suggestion from the Free Software Foundation:

Image credit – https://twitter.com/fsf/status/923644337140924418


The big updates in Cauldron this week are to Mate 1.19.1 and Plasma 5.11.2, here are a few of the other big updates:

  • kernel 4.13.10
  • ffmpeg 3.4
  • libreoffice 5.4.3 rc1
  • Chromium browser 62

There were also updates to some Perl modules and some of the underlying Mageia libraries that are used in our tools, like urpmi, the Control Centre and the Installer.

Also, a quick note about our ARM support, as mentioned a few weeks ago, we are thinking of dropping arm5tl, this seems more and more likely, builds take a very long time and developers are starting to drop support for it. If you have any opinion on whether it should be kept or not, bringing it to the discussion on the dev mailing list would be useful.

Mageia 6

There were some big updates for Mageia 6 this week, here are the major ones:

  • virtualbox, kmod-vboxadditons & kmod-virtualbox 5.1.30 – multiple CVE fixes
  • upx-3.94-1 – CVE fix
  • mysql-connector-java-5.1.42-1 – CVE fixes
  • rust-1.21.0-1 & cargo-0.22.0-1 – Version update

Mageia 5

  • virtualbox, kmod-vboxadditons & kmod-virtualbox 5.1.30 – multiple CVE fixes
  • upx-3.94-1 – CVE fix
  • kernel-4.4.92-1 – multiple CVE fixes
  • mysql-connector-java-5.1.42-1 – CVE fixes


Mageia will have a booth at the OpenRhineRhur event next weekend (4th to 5th November), thanks to the volunteers for hosting the booth and we hope to see and talk to lots of interesting people there. If you are in the area, feel free to drop by!


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7 Responses to Weekly roundup 2017 – week 43

  1. David Locklear says:

    Will LXQt 0 12 make it soon .?

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  3. katnatek says:

    The image don’t load, i don’t know why.
    If this don’t only happens to me, please feel free to use the imgur’s embedding code in the spanish post

  4. Mika Laitio says:

    How about releasing soon the mga 6.1 as a snapshot for latest updates for mga 6 + soon to be released 4.14 kernel? That would be a low hanging fruit fixing many problems with newer hw caused by the long release freeze which happened with the mga 6.

    I am for example now testing with yoga 720 with kaby lake i7-7700hq with ’15 display. I have previously run the 4.12+touscpad fix kernel I have cherry picked. (Lenovo 720 15″ touchpad one line acpi fix included by default on 4.14 git master)

    With default images the biggest problem is the touchpad where the fix is only on newer kernels.
    Also the power savings + other cpu scaling things for newer intel hw seems to just work better with newer kernels.

    I for example just installed the mga6 + latest updates to 6 months old yoga 720 with i7-7700hq and then build the todays v4.14-rc7+ kernel from git master without proprietary drivers… With newer HW like kaby like, things just seems to work with much less sluggish with this kernel than with the old 4.9 one… Similar type of fixes for AMD Ryzen kernels are most likely available on newer than 4.9 kernels.

    Only big probelem I still had after urpmi updates was with the wifi… Via drakconf I was newer able to get the wifi to connect to my access point from the gnome mga6 installer image. With that + latest updates the wifi connect from drakconf was just always failing after waiting about the 30 sec. (tried multible times first via drakconf)

    When I realized to try to conf the wifi via gnome 3 menu/”select access point” the result was different. I was able to connect to access point with wpa2 password immediately after my first connection attempt.

    (Router is running the one week old lede fw with LeDE 17″4 fixes for the recently compromised wpa2 bugs)…

    • Donald Stewart says:

      possible Mga 6.1 isos ~mid december 2017 (or when ready) as we’ll switch to kernel 4.14-longterm in ~2 weeks to be able to support installing on new hw landing now/for xmas/…
      (this could be timed with the upgrade path to mga6 / mga5 EOL)

      This was taken from the kernel maintainer, so pretty likely that the support will at the minimum improve, and will in all likelihood be fully fixed.