Weekly Roundup 2017 – Week 49

Week 49; three weeks left in 2017, and lots of things happening!

A hearty shout-out to our Translation team; advisory emails come through every day about translation updates to our many languages – on the wiki, on the blog and in the packages. Our thanks to all these wonderful hard-working folks!

Although the developers haven’t repeated their meeting marathon of last week – three hours! – they’re still working on getting everything lined up for Mageia 7. Between them and the QA team, the list of updates in the last week has been very impressive; 59 updates into Cauldron just this morning. As always, check the AppDB for a full list by version. Some interesting updates in the past week – as always, check Mageia Advisories for package details and CVEs.


firefox, firefox-l10n – Mga5, Mga66
optipng – Mga5, Mga6
ffmpeg – Mga6
wireshark – Mga6
tor – Mga5, Mga6
libxcursor – Mga5, Mga6
libxfont, libxfont2 – Mga5, Mga6

Bugfix (all for Mga6):

etl, synfig, synfigstudio

In the flood of updates coming through for Cauldron – over 270 in the last 7 days – there has been a variety of Perl and Python packages, plus lots of kernel-related stuff; gcc and its packages are now at 7.2.2; a bunch of video driver libraries… way too many to list here.

A huge thank you to our devs and QA folk!

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