Weekly roundup 2017 – Week 48

There’s lots of work still going on behind the scenes – wide-awake folks have noticed that Kernel 4.14.3 has made its way into Cauldron, along with loads of other goodies; the commits mailing list has been very active!

The devteam folks had a huge long meeting during the week to begin nailing down plans and features for Mageia 7; check out the meeting logs. Lots of stuff will continue to be discussed and refined for a while yet, but the process is well begun.

Here’s a selection of the additions and updates to Cauldron during the week:


There are also several perl and php packages – check out the full list. It’s also good to know what the QA team has in the pipeline – check it out on the AppDB. You’ll see updates being tested, updates ready to be pushed, and then there’s the backports.

Security and bugfix advisories are always available online; check out the Advisories site for CVEs on the security updates, as well as info on the bugfix updates. Here’s the list for the past week.

drakxtools (bugfix) – Mga 6
gnucash (bugfix) – Mga 6
nvidia-current, ldetect-lst (bugfix) – Mga 5, 6
php-ssh2 (bugfix) – Mga 5, 6
xdg-utils (bugfix) – Mga 6
apr-util (security) – Mga 5, 6
bchunk (security) – Mga 5, 6
botan (security) – Mga 5, 6
chromium-browser-stable (security) – Mga 6
ghostscript (security) – Mga 5, 6
krb5 (security) – Mga 5, 6
libtiff (security) – Mga 5, 6
mediawiki (security) – Mga 6
postgresql9.3, postgresql9.4, postgresql9.6 (security) – Mga 5, 6
sssd (security) – Mga 6
thunderbird, thunderbird-l10n (security) – Mga 5, 6
vlc (security) – Mga 5
webkit2 (security) – Mga 6

Onward and upward…

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8 Responses to Weekly roundup 2017 – Week 48

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  6. Newton says:

    Today Firefox was updated to 52.5.2, when you noticed 57. I would like to understand using an 8 months ago or more, when many things changed, whith the new releases!

    • Patricia Fraser says:

      Hi Newton – the v57 Firefox update was in Cauldron, which is our development version – this will end up being Mageia 7 in the future, but it’s now still very much in flux.

  7. M.Z. says:

    I saw Firefox 57 in Cauldron and wondered what was going on. Does it mean a move to non ESR versions of Firefox is being considered?