Weekly Roundup 2018 – Week 2

The year is definitely under way, with an astonishing 412 packages coming through commits – mostly for cauldron, but a few are the last remaining updates for Mageia 5, as well as important security updates for Mageia 6.

Among those updates are all the kernel and microcode updates – our thanks to tmb and our untiring devs for these – to begin hitting Meltdown and Spectre on the head.

A big hand for the upstream kernel team, as well as our own packagers, QA testers and everyone else that was involved in getting this tested and released.

The best place to check these updates out fully is the Mageia Advisories page:

Screenshot of Mageia Advisories page

The Mageia Advisories page is full of information! Clicking on the Advisory number (second column) will take you to the full advisory; so, clicking on MGASA-2018-0076, the advisory for the most recent kernel updates to Mageia 6, takes you to an explanation of what is covered in the fix, plus references for further reading.

Screenshot of Advisory MGASA 2018-0076

If you’re more interested in the original security announcement, the list of CVEs in the right-hand column is also filled with links; clicking on any one of those links will take you to the information for that CVE. If, like CVE 2017-5715, it covers a number of fixes in Mageia, you will arrive at an interim page where all the updates covering that advisory are aggregated, looking like this:

Screenshot of Advisories aggregation

On the aggregated page, clicking on the part of the heading containing the advisory number

Screenshot of advisories heading

will take you to the CVE announcement.

You can keep up with all the other goings-on in Mageia on IRC or the Forums, as well as all the mailing lists – they’re all very active and welcoming places, so please join in!

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8 Responses to Weekly Roundup 2018 – Week 2

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  2. RufusCat says:

    [4.718404]pwm-lpss 80860f09:00:invalid resouce
    message aborts BOOT on ASUS E402MA

    • Filip says:

      You should report that to bugzilla. With this Intel’s messup Meltdown and Spectre all kernels not just Linux are changing very fast and very drastic too.

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  7. Henry F. says:

    I am not using Mageia as a distro, but the vulnerabilities database is a great tool as a security engineer. Keep up the good work.