Weekly Roundup 2018 – Weeks 3 & 4

Apologies are due for the missing Roundup for Week 3; while the northern hemisphere has been freezing, down here in the south we have been boiling. Alas, all that heat doesn’t help with concentration! So, this is an aggregated Roundup.


February is FOSDEM month – will you be in Brussels? Even when, as this year, we don’t have a stand, Mageians love to get together at FOSDEM. Check out the Wiki Page for this event, and let people know you’re coming so meetings and the Mageia Dinner can be arranged.

Some news

We were informed that mirror.math.princeton.edu will be down and physically relocated beginning 09:00 on Thursday, February 1. It is expected to be back online by noon that day. Note that their time zone is UTC -5, US Eastern Standard Time.

Updates – Mageia 5 and 6

We’re still, like Zeno and his tortoise, not quite ready to completely finish adding updates to Mageia 5 – there are still a few of the Meltdown and Spectra-related security fixes in the pipeline. We’ll add a separate blog post for the event to keep you informed. Recent security updates to Mageia 5 include nspr, rootcerts, nss, firefox, firefox-l10n, glibc, bind, squid and gdk-pixbuf2.0. Check Mageia Advisories for more details, and note that there are no bugfix updates for Mga5.

An update to the tray applet to upgrade from Mageia 5 to Mageia 6 is in QA testing; watch out for updates to this important utility. We hope it will smooth the path from 5 to 6 for those of you who want to do the version upgrade rather than a clean install.

For Mageia 6, the security update list is even longer – webkit2, kmod-vboxadditions, kmod-virtualbox, virtualbox, graphicsmagick, nspr, rootcerts, nss, firefox, firefox-l10n, glibc, locales, systemd, bind, unbound, golang, mariadb, gdk-pixbuf2.0, gifsicle and squid. Bufix updates include joe , mpv, radeon-firmware, ldetect-lst, libdrm, mesa, wayland-protocols, x11-driver-video-amdgpu, x11-driver-video-ati, x11-driver-video-intel, subtitlecomposer, nvidia340, smtube, smplayer, cargo and rust.


In the two weeks since the last Roundup, a staggering 939 package updates have come through into Cauldron! Maybe the devs are working so hard to keep warm? Thanks to them all, and to the QA/testing and translation folks for their amazing work.

As always, you can check for yourself on Mageia Advisories, the Mageia AppDB, PkgSubmit to see the last 48 hours, and Bugzilla to see what’s currently happening.

Wiki updates

There’s also been lots of work happening on the Wiki, with updates and additions; check out the Recent Changes page, where you can also subscribe to the Atom feed to receive email alerts when changes are made.

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9 Responses to Weekly Roundup 2018 – Weeks 3 & 4

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  2. isadora says:

    Thanks Patricia for keeping us updated and informed, much appreciated.

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  5. gukin says:

    Thank you for X11-driver-video and Mesa 17.3.2, my new Raven Ridge system will hit the ground running with Mageia 6.

    Bravo to all!

  6. Great, keep up the good work guys! If any of you would be looking for a place to stay in Brussels for Fosdem, I have a guest room, at 5 minutes from the Gare du Midi. (South Station) PM me via the Mageia forum (username: madcowsonthewall) or via my twitteraccount.

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  8. Stan says:

    why no stand