Weekly Roundup 2018 – Weeks 12 & 13

Apologies for the wait between roundups – life has a way of taking over, sometimes; anyway, here’s the latest.

Since the last Roundup there have been quite a few updates coming through. You’ll see there are still a few security updates still coming in for Mga5, and that some kernel and microcode updates have also come through for Mageia 6.

QA tests of the update of Plasma in Mageia 6 are getting better and better, but there are still some bugs remaining. Martin’s qarepo package has been updated to v1.3 only a couple of days ago, making testers’ lives a little easier; hopefully this will help with huge meta-packages like Plasma. Once Plasma is sorted, and any fallout bugs are fixed, the path to both Mageia 5 to Mageia 6, and Mageia 6.1 will be a lot clearer.

Here’s the list of packages that had advisories over the past two weeks:


  • xerces-c  – Mga5
  • squirrelmail  – Mga5, Mga6
  • libvorbis  – Mga5, Mga6
  • shadow-utils – Mga5, Mga6
  • SDL_image, mingw-SDL_image – Mga5, Mga6
  • sqlite3 – Mga5, Mga6
  • libtiff – Mga5, Mga6
  • python-pycrypto – Mga5, Mga6
  • flash-player-plugin – Mga6
  • libvirt – Mga6
  • net-snmp – Mga6
  • mailman – Mga6
  • exempi – Mga6
  • jupyter-notebook Mga6
  • microcode Mga6
  • leptonica, mingw Mga6
  • sharutils Mga6
  • bugzilla Mga6
  • kernel, kernel-userspace-headers, kmod-vboxadditions, kmod-virtualbox, kmod-xtables-addons, wireguard-tools Mga6

Bugfixes – all Mga6

  • glu
  • lame
  • numlock
  • nvidia-current, ldetect-lst
  • voxelands
  • zbar

As always, you can check for yourself on Mageia Advisories, the Mageia AppDB, PkgSubmit to see the last 48 hours, and Bugzilla to see what’s currently happening. For Cauldron updates, the link is http://madb.mageia.org/rpm/list/listtype/updates/release/cauldron
– remember to click on the Applications drop-down to see all packages including libraries.

Update: correction from “upgrade from KDE4 to Plasma” to Plasma Update

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8 Responses to Weekly Roundup 2018 – Weeks 12 & 13

  1. Tom Andrews says:

    A bit of a correction about the Plasma update: The update is for Mageia 6 going from Plasma 5.8 LTS to Plasma 5.12 LTS. It’s a massive update, requiring in excess of 500 packages, all of which need to be installed together, so you can imagine that testing can be difficult. But, it is proceeding with relatively few glitches – so far. Several long-standing upstream bugs are fixed with this update, so we are all hoping it can go out soon!

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  3. Jarda says:

    Does Mageia 6.1 really go out? WOW

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  6. Jan says:

    Great job, as usual =)


  7. Lloyd Osten says:

    Any idea when we will see an iso for Mageia 7?

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