It is with great pleasure that we announce the release of Mageia 6.1

This release brings all of the updates and development that has gone into Mageia 6 together into fresh installation media, giving users a kernel that supports hardware released after Mageia 6. The new installations will benefit from the countless updates that current fully updated Mageia systems will have, allowing new installations to avoid the need for a large update post install. So if you are currently running an up to date Mageia 6 system, there is no need to reinstall Mageia 6.1 as you will already be running the same packages.
This release is available with only Live media, i.e. Live Plasma, Live GNOME and Live Xfce in 64bits, and Live Xfce in 32 bits. A network installation is also available, for users wanting more granular control over the installation.

Some of the release highlights include:

  • Firefox – 60.2
  • Chromium – 68
  • LibreOffice –
  • Plasma – 5.12.2
  • GNOME – 3.24.3
  • Xfce – 4.12.0
  • VLC – 3.0.2
  • Kernel – 4.14.70

The kernel used in this release is the latest longterm support kernel, giving a well tested and stable base for the rest of the system.

While not critical to the installation process, updated Nvidia drivers have added support for newer Pascal based cards.

You can download the installation images either as a torrent, or regularly, both available here. The release notes for Mageia 6 are available here.


UPDATE: Don’t worry for classical installer. It’ll return in Mageia 7 release. Stay tuned as our Cauldron is bubbling.

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35 Responses to It is with great pleasure that we announce the release of Mageia 6.1

  1. JanKusanagi says:

    Thanks and congrats!!

    Seeding the Plasma LiveDVD now =)

    • Time to go.
      mageia screwed up all my settings with the last update to firefox. I was already having problems with the once remarkably useful Clipboard. But rather than look for a replacement or retun to the Mageia 5 version that was flawless, I think I will try a new version of operating system.
      Feren has a version of browser that is neither Google or alsoGoogle I will give that a try.

      • Donald Stewart says:

        Do you have a bug report or more details of the reported issue somewhere?

      • Are you sure it was Mageia who screwed everything and not other situation that happend?. I’ve been using Mageia since Mageia 1 and Mandriva before that and it never screwed me something unless I mess up with the settings… If you had problems with firefox I recommend syncing your settings so that you will have a backup….


  2. maalo says:

    Thanks and Congratulations!

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  4. Hans Micheelsen says:

    Nice to hear. But now its off to Mageia 7. That will be even greater.

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  6. fortran says:

    A nice news. I wish you continued success.

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  10. Paulo Cezar says:

    Great news, thanks! Congratulations and success!

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  12. katnatek says:

    I am a few sad for the lack of classic installer, please don’t drop the classic installer in mageia 7

    • tmb says:

      Classical installer is not dropped.
      You can still do a net-install that uses the classical installer.

      The reason there is no classical installer for 6.1 isos is that the tool used to build classical installer does not work anymore, and we are working on a new tool for Mageia 7, that depends on stuff not in Mageia 6(.1). We just decided to release 6.1 with known working isos so we can start focusing on Mageia 7.

      So no worries, the classical installer isos will be back in Mageia 7

  13. Kiwi_Birds says:

    I may use this distro if I con get this one peice of software to work. If it works, I’m going to use this 🙂

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  15. Joselp says:

    Great news for everyone!!
    Very thaks.
    I recommend you visit Blogdrake, the spanish community of Mageia. We have created a megapost on the installation and customization of Mageia, to facilitate the use to all those who want to try this distro.

    Here the link:


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  21. Anadi says:

    A good solid reliable OS.
    Fantastic work to all @ Mageia who helped put this together.

  22. Hans Micheelsen says:

    Are there any news on the timeline for Mageia 7?

    • Greg McGee says:

      I actually upgraded to cauldron just to try it when somthing in the updates this summer went wild and killed off little things like KDE, x11 and such on Mageia 6 on one of my laptops… it worked flawlessly, I can honestly say I have had zero grief running cauldron… ymmv.

      Always remember–raid is not a backup. raid just makes a perfect copy of the damage…

      • Hans Micheelsen says:

        Exactly trhe same here. I have in fact run Cauldron for years, and very seldom experience any problems.
        In my opinion they could release Mga 7 just round the corner. Except of cause if they have some wild changes in mind. Do you, Magaia?

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  26. Babydoll says:

    Nice, can anyone rip the sounds and wallpapers from the distro and share it with the rest of us?

    • Donald Stewart says:

      Sounds debatable, best to get them from the DE that you use, as they are unchanged on our end, the wallpaper is available in the mageia-theme-* package or in /usr/share/mga/* if you have an active install, hope that helps

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