Artwork Voting

With the first release candidate due in the coming weeks, it’s time to get the artwork for Mageia 8 finished. Before we get down to choosing the images, it’s really great to see all of the submissions and how creative people are, they will definitely help make Mageia 8 look great, our thanks to everyone that has given their time for this.

There will be two votes, one for backgrounds and one for screensavers. The signature background will be chosen from the top 5, the runners up will be included as additional backgrounds. The screensavers will be taken from the top 20 images that are suitable.

To vote, please choose the top 5 images for backgrounds and the top 10 for screensavers ranking them from 1st – 5th/10th. It’s worth considering the artwork guidelines and Mageia colours for the backgrounds, and choosing a piece that will integrate well. For the screensavers, something that will crop well and create a nice reflection is desirable. The previous background and some screensaver examples are at the bottom here.

The background vote, including the images, can be found here.
The screensaver vote, also with the images can be found here.

The vote will be open for one week, closing on the 8th of January.

Thanks again to everyone who contributed and happy voting!

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