Mageia 7 will reach End of Support on 30th of June – “The king is dead, long live the king!”

Mageia 8 was released Feb 26th, 2021.
Mageia 7 will receive updates up until the 30th of June, including security updates. It is then highly recommended upgrading to Mageia 8 as soon as possible.

As usual, before the upgrade, do a thorough backup of your data and documents.

You have a few ways to install Mageia 8:

  1. Do a clean installation from Classical or Live media. In this case, you will keep the data in your /home if it is in a separate partition, as is usually the case – but do check! The root partition will be formatted during the installation process.
  2. Upgrade from the command line, as described in release notes.
  3. Upgrade through the applet in the system tray.

Enjoy the ride with this newcomer in our community!

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9 Responses to Mageia 7 will reach End of Support on 30th of June – “The king is dead, long live the king!”

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  6. Havoc says:

    Upgrade through the system tray? There is no applet in the “system tray”.

  7. David W Hodgins says:

    Not having the update/upgrade applet in the system tray is caused by some setting in one of the config files in the users files. I haven’t been able to track down which one(s) cause it.

    Some options:

    Create a new user. Logout, then in as the new user.
    That user should have the mgaapplet in the systray.

    Another option is to use a command line upgrade. See
    in particular the section “If it does not offer the upgrade”.

    A third option is to delete all config files in your home directory, logout
    and in, and then mgaapplet should show the option.

  8. benmc says:

    go to Mageia Control Centre => Software Management => Configure updates Frequency. see if the ” Check for newer Mageia releases” checkbox is “ticked”. if not “tick” it and log-out and back in to the desktop. urpmi –auto-update ( or if using dnf, use the equivalent -I dont use it, some do) and apply all updates as the applet will not indicate newer version if the system is not up-to-date

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