IRC channels migration

Since the start of the Mageia.Org project we have used several IRC channels as discussion rooms. The main advantage of this technology is that anyone can get in contact with us without any registration beforehand. Those channels were hosted on the Freenode network until recently. After various events, we decided to change to the new irc server.

We were planning a soft transition along with the next Mageia release, but the recent technical problems on Freenode have forced us to make the change now. All of our channels on are operational, though users who haven’t used it before will need to register with the server. It is currently not possible to connect on #mageia-* channels on Freenode’s servers.

There is a list of the available channels on this wiki page. People who want to ensure no one else uses the same nickname should register their nickname on the server. It still remains to update default server on most of our IRC clients and it may be possible that references to the Freenode network remain in few parts of our documentation. We will try and have the remaining references cleared up quickly.

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5 Responses to IRC channels migration

  1. wikigazer says:

    Thanks for the information.

    For anyone with a registered account at freenode: one thing to also be careful of is to make sure any IRC password you use at libera is different from what you used at freenode.

    My reading of the situation of what is left of freenode is that I no longer trust my data (nick and password) at freenode.

    Some IRC clients (looking at you hexchat 🙂 store your IRC nick’s password in plain text in ~/.config/hexchat/servlist.conf.

    You can quickly find it with:

    grep “P=” –before-context=6 –after-context=6 ~/.config/hexchat/servlist.conf

    Libera has some documentation on password resetting:

    Stay safe

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  5. Gary says:

    What has happened to the Mageia mailing lists? All of the links on bring up blank pages.